Young Ambassadors 2017/2018

Young Ambassadors are undergraduate students from North America that recently studied abroad in Germany and promote study in Germany at their home universities with help from the DAAD.

They help to inspire their fellow students by giving them useful tips on how to enjoy and make use of their own stay in Germany.

Apply now by April 15th, 2017 (postmarked) to be considered as a Young Ambassador for the academic year 2017/2018.

Program Description

The DAAD Young Ambassadors Program is a unique and exciting two-semester volunteer opportunity for undergraduate students to promote study and research abroad in Germany at their home universities and colleges.

The program starts with a mandatory, three-day training session in New York City from August 16-19, 2017. DAAD covers the costs of round trip transportation for Young Ambassadors from their North American home universities to New York and provides accommodation and meals for the duration of the workshop. The objective of the workshop is for participants to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to effectively promote study and research in Germany on their campuses. Students learn about the German higher education and research system as well as the wide range of DAAD funding opportunities. In addition, the training focuses on refining public speaking and presentation skills and meeting new people.

During the academic year, DAAD Young Ambassadors promote study and research in Germany by working with their universities' study abroad offices, volunteering at study abroad fairs, organizing classroom visits, info sessions, fun events, and answering their fellow students’ questions. DAAD provides Young Ambassadors with brochures, giveaways, and funding for events. Along with this, a profile including contact information for each Young Ambassador is featured on the DAAD USA website.

DAAD Young Ambassadors are required to submit at least two event reports during the academic year. While the DAAD Young Ambassadors Program is a volunteer opportunity, all event reports are included in a raffle drawing at the end of the academic year; prizes ranging from $20 to $200 awarded in recognition of the volunteer’s time and commitment.

Become a Young Ambassador

Young Ambassadors do not necessarily have to be alumni of DAAD grant programs. We will give special attention to nominations from study abroad offices, but will also accept applications directly from students who wish to apply on their own and provide contact information for a reference.

You are eligible for the program if you…

  • are an undergraduate student at a college or university in the US or Canada
  • have recently studied or done research at a German university or interned in Germany for a minimum of 2 months
  • are available to promote study and research in Germany on your campus during the entire academic year
  • can speak intelligently and enthusiastically about your experiences in Germany in front of groups
  • are willing to represent DAAD at a study abroad fair and to organize at least one event per semester
  • are available for the training session in New York City in August

DAAD New York
Young Ambassadors Program
871 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Note: Application forms for 2017/18 are available for download in the box on the right.

Nominate a Student!

The Young Ambassadors Program is great for helping returning study abroad students put their newfound knowledge and experience to good use.

Take the opportunity to nominate a DAAD Young Ambassador on your campus!
Please see above for the requirements that students need to fulfill in order to be eligible for the DAAD Young Ambassadors Program.

Although students may apply directly to DAAD to become a Young Ambassador, special preference will be given to candidates nominated by their university's study abroad office.
Please keep in mind that only one student can be nominated per college or university.

If you choose to nominate a Young Ambassador, please fill out the nomination form (last page of the application form) and submit the completed application form to DAAD New York. Please do not forget to attach the nomination letter as requested in the nomination form.

Please submit your nomination together with the student’s application in duplicate: one original hard copy and one electronic (PDF/Word) document.

Please email the PDF/Word document to YA[at] and send original to

DAAD New York
Young Ambassadors Program
871 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Note: Application forms for 2017/18 are available for download in the box on the right.

Meet our current Young Ambassadors

Click here for the current Young Ambassador profiles and an interactive map to locate a Young Ambassador near you.


For further information, please contact

Ms. Stefanie Gruber-Sliva
Phone: (212) 758-3223 x205

Note: Application forms for 2017/18 are available for download in the box on the right.