Meet our DAAD Young  Ambassadors! They are students  in North America who have studied abroad  in Germany and are happy to help by sharing their experiences with you and answering any questions your may have.  Use the interactive map above or the modules below to locate a Young  Ambassador near you.

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  Maria Camila Arevalo Duque
  Home University: Brock University
  Major: Business Administration
  Program/University in Germany: Universität Mannheim


Hello! My name is Camila Arevalo, I am entering my 5th and last year at Brock University, I’m taking Business Administration with a concentration in finance. I’m originally from Colombia and moved to Canada 6 years ago. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures. Through my exchange program I was able to attend Mannheim University in Germany, this opportunity allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, learn, travel and grow. I would love to encourage other students to take part in this program, as it is an experience that not only will give people excellent academic education, but will also help them build confidence and self-development. Surrounding yourself with other students from all over the world also allows you to expand your general knowledge and network. Germany is a great place to study for a number of reasons. For example, it offers high quality education which is well recognized world-wide with instruction from highly-qualified professors. The students are friendly; they will help you adjusting to the new environment and are awesome people to work with in a team. Studying in Germany will allow students to develop new skills and build their professional profiles. Germany itself is a country full of history with beautiful cities and landscapes, to visit during the stay. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

  Shadae Boakye-Yiadom
  Home University: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  Major: Mechanical Engineering
  Program/University in Germany:  Universität Tübingen


Hallo! My name is Shadae Boakye-Yiadom and I‘m a senior at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor studying mechanical engineering with minors in German studies and computer science. I began studying German in the second semester of my freshman year and haven’t looked back since. The summer after my freshman year, I did a research and language program in Berlin, where I studied the German language and conducted research on internal combustion engines with other students from my school. The next summer I did another research program in Aachen, where I worked closely with graduate students on the effects of plant-based fuels on engine performance. During the last semester I was studying abroad at the University of Tübingen, where I took a challenging Linear Algebra course for my major and three German language courses for my minor. Before that semester I completed a course at the Goethe Institute in Göttingen and another language course at the University of Tübingen as preparation. The most amazing thing about these programs was meeting people from all over the world and communicating in a common language other than English. Throughout the semester I‘ve learned a lot about myself and have constantly stepped out of my comfort zone in an effort to communicate with native speakers and perfect my language skills. It’s also been amazing to see how math is taught in Germany. I felt like I really learned and understood the material and it was a joy working out math problems in German with my classmates. The last semester abroad has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I would encourage anyone thinking about doing a semester abroad in Germany to just go for it.

  Holga Brisson Provost
  Home University: Université Laval
  Major: Traduction
  Program/University in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin


Hi! My name is Holga and I am currently in my last year in Translation at Université Laval. I started learning German in 2010 and since then I have been going to Germany every year! I studied Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Freie Universität in Berlin and I also worked as a French assistant at the Robert-Schuman Berufskolleg in Essen.
Germany has a lot to offer to young people and during my time there I made amazing memories and developed great friendships both with locals and other international students. I would be more than happy to help you and share some of my experience with you! If you have any questions or you need any advice or recommendations, I am here for you!

  Katharine Bryan
  Home University: University of Rhode Island
  Majors: Civil Engineering and German
  Program/University in Germany: TU Darmstadt


Hallo! My name is Katharine Bryan and I study Civil Engineering and German at the University of Rhode Island. I just returned from one year in Germany through my school’s International Engineering Program which is similar to the DAAD Study and Internship Program. During my first semester I studied at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, where I focused mainly on language courses but I also researched cement foam in the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design. It was definitely an adjustment to be living in a totally different culture, where I didn’t 100% speak the language (maybe just 30%!). But I was able to make German and international friends, travel, and eat many, many, Bratwurst. The second half of my year abroad, was spent in Hannover, at an internship with Deutsche Bahn. There I focused on a project in Düsseldorf, and the various track and cables that need to be moved and added with the addition of a new train line. Since I also study German, this year really helped me with my conversational skills and learning how to adapt with on-the-go translation problems. TU Darmstadt was a fantastic school to take German classes with, and they also had a really helpful international department and orientation program. What I think I got most out of this year abroad, is personal growth with my self-confidence, independence, and my newfound ability to adapt to any situation. I learned so much and miss Germany so much already (especially the Bratwurst)!

  Nathan Cannataro
  Home University: University of Alberta
  Major: Political Science and German
  Program/University in Germany: Universität Kassel


Wie geht's? I’m entering my fourth and final year at the University of Alberta and I’m excited to pass on the knowledge of Germany and international learning that I have accumulated throughout my undergrad. My decision to learn German was based on a personal philosophy of learning something new with no previous exposure, and I have been subsequently surprised by how liberating and invigoration this original decision was. I’ve visited most of the major cities and regions of Deutschland and have developed a network of friends and families across the country who have hosted me with remarkable generosity and kindness. My German home, however, is in Kassel, which is the location of the summer school to which the DAAD helped me return to for a second time in the summer of 2017. Here I took part in a Summer Language Course and returned to the remarkable host family that I had met the previous summer. Currently, my German is at the B2 level and I intend to spend a significant amount of time in Germany following the completion of my BA in Political Science. Some of my immediate ambitions include a trilingual career with the Canadian Forces, the acquisition of his FIFA Coaching Badges, and to walk Jacobs Weg from the city of Aachen.

  Christina Caouette
  Home University: Carleton University
  Major: European and Russian Studies
  Program/University in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin


My name is Christina Caouette and I study European Affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. I was first introduced to German language and culture during a summer exchange at Freie Universität in Berlin. In addition to attending lectures, I spoke German daily with my host family and was able to learn about social topics in Germany throughout our interactions.
At Freie Universität, I appreciated how my professors balanced academic learning with cultural exploration. By engaging in course materials outside of a classroom setting, I was able to put my oral and written comprehension to the test and further embrace German life through various study tours and talks.
Since my positive experience studying in Berlin, I have continued to take language classes and wish to return to Germany in the future. As I am interested in a career in diplomacy, I believe developing my language skills is key to being an effective communicator with Canada’s counterparts overseas. In September 2018, I look forward to promoting learning opportunities in Germany as a DAAD Young Ambassador at Carleton University and as a Junior Policy Analyst with the International Education Division at Global Affairs Canada.

  Rachel Colquhoun
  Home University: Dalhousie University
  Major: Contemporary Studies and German
  Program/University in Germany: Universität Kassel


Guten Tag! My name is Rachel Colquhoun, and I am entering my fourth year of a Combined Honours in Contemporary Studies and German with a minor in Political Science, between Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College, Halifax. Over the past two summers, I’ve been fortunate enough to go to Germany on two different study abroad programs offered by two Canadian universities. In the first year, I spent two months in Kassel taking part in the Canadian Summer School in Germany (CCSG) and the second summer I spent a month in Berlin for a course run through King’s/Dal called “Memory, Politics, Place: Berlin’s 20th Century”. These two courses gave me vastly different but equally important experiences of Germany. These summer programs immersed me in both the German language and German philosophy and history. Germany is truly a country with something for everyone: they have a beautiful and interesting language, a deeply entrenched culture, and it’s a modern political centre with a history of direct relevance and importance to the modern world. I’m excited to share my experiences in Germany with others as a DAAD Young Ambassador. Studying another language and country can be an incredibly enriching experience. Especially in your university years, going abroad can let you grow in a way that only happens by going outside your comfort zone (and your home country!). If you have any questions about all the different ways you can explore Germany as a student abroad, feel free to reach out! Tschüss!

  Elizabeth Cornelius
  Home University: University of the South
  Major: German
  Program/University in Germany:  Universität Bamberg


Hallo! My name is Elizabeth Cornelius and I am a German major in my senior year at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN. I first began learning German in High School, and continued to study it in college because of my fascination with German literature and the strong positive impressions my professors made on me. I spent my junior year studying in Bamberg, Germany, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Bavaria. While busy exploring the city with other students at the Otto-Friedrich University, I enjoyed traveling much of Germany and Europe and completing a virtual internship with the Luxembourg American Cemetery. Studying abroad in Germany made me a more independent person with a higher appreciation for the world we live in and the cultures that surround us. I am always thrilled to chat about study abroad, the German language, and questions or concerns that you may have regarding either topic.

  Nicholas Counter
  Home University: University of California, Santa Barbara
  Major: German, Film and Media Studies
  Program/University in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin


Servus! My name is Nick, and I am a fourth year German and Film & Media Studies double major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My first experience studying in Germany was during the summer of 2013 when I participated in the German-American Partnership Program, hosting a student from Stuttgart in my hometown and subsequently being hosted by the same student in his. Though only at the high school level, this experience greatly changed my planned educational path and worldview, as I immediately knew I wanted to study abroad at the university level and, of course, return to Germany. I then began studying the German language and in my third year of University, embarked on a seven-month study stay at the Freie Universität Berlin. In addition to vastly improving my German language skills, I immersed myself in German-instructed classes within my degree subject areas. From these experiences, I can only recommend Germany as the perfect place for international study –– a rich culture, deep history, and high quality of education are only the beginning of what the nation has to offer. As a Film and Media major, I would also like to emphasize the quality of opportunity you could get for those pursuing the arts. I look forward to learning more from fellow DAAD Young Ambassadors and educating others at my home university on what opportunities you have in Germany!

  Sarah Crowe
  Home University: Valparaiso University
  Major: International Economics, Cultural Affairs
  Program/University in Germany: Reutlingen University


Hallo! My name is Sarah Crowe and I am a rising senior at Valparaiso University. I am studying International Economics, Cultural Affairs and German. Ever since I started my first German courses in High School, I knew I wanted to study abroad. The language and culture were fascinating to me and I knew that if I wanted to have a true understanding of these things I would need to study in Germany. My travels and studies in Germany and Europe during this past semester have been some of the most valuable experiences of my life. I had many opportunities to learn inside and outside the classroom. At the Hochschule in Reutlingen, I especially enjoyed learning about the German economy and German-American trade relations. I had the opportunity to visit the Daimler AG factory where Mercedes-Benz cars are made, an experience which gave me a new understanding of the world-famous “German Engineering” and the influence that such companies have on the German economy. My time in Germany helped me to improve my German language skills, taught me to adapt to new and challenging situations, introduced me to new friends from all over the world, gave me the opportunity to travel to exciting destinations, and made me a more globally-minded person. The decision to study abroad led to such a rewarding experience and I am eager to assist others in starting to plan for an experience of their own in Germany. Please do not hesitate to contact me— I am happy to help!

  Katherine Dau
  Home University: Washington and Lee University
  Major: Art History and German
  Program/University in Germany: IES Berlin


Hi! My name is Katherine and I am an Art History and German double major at Washington and Lee University (W&L). I first travelled to Germany before my first year at W&L, and I began to take my first German class in the fall. The following summer, I studied at the Goethe Institut in Göttingen. There, I absolutely fell in love with German language and culture. When my course concluded, I travelled through eastern Germany and up to Schleswig-Holstein, where my relatives are from. On this adventure, I got to see so many different sides of Germany. In May 2017, I took a month-long course in Berlin through IES and W&L. Spending a month in Berlin was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to go back. I wanted to be a DAAD Young Ambassador because I have had such positive experiences in my travel to Germany. Each time I have visited, I have seen a different side of the country. I want to help others pursue similar opportunities to travel and see Germany. While visiting Germany is invaluable for those learning to speak German, there are amazing opportunities for those who do not as well. I want to show people what opportunities await even if they may not know much about Germany or its culture. In trying to fulfil my language requirement, I stumbled into studying German three years ago, and I can say with certainty that it has been the best decision of my college career. I am so happy to answer any questions about my experience or opportunities in Germany.

  Tanya Dhayagude
  Home University: University of New Brunswick
  Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Program/University in Germany: Hochschule Furtwangen


Hi, my name is Tanya Dhayagude and I am a 4th year Electrical and Computer Engineering student at the University of New Brunswick. I first travelled to Germany as a co-op student and did a 4-month work term at Continental AG. I lived in a small town in the South of Germany called Villingen-Schwenningen. Even though I was in a different country, it really reminded me of my home in Fredericton because of the close knit community and how friendly the people were. Everyone in my workplace and community gave me a warm welcome which helped me adapt to my new surroundings very quickly. People often only visit the large cities in Germany, but I highly recommend taking some detours and visiting small towns and villages as they have a lot to offer. I absolutely loved my experience, would go back, and recommend it to any student looking for new and exciting opportunity!

  Laura Downer
  Home University: University of Wisconsin
  Major: German, International Studies and Political Studies
  Program/University in Germany: Universität Freiburg


Hallo! My name is Laura, I am currently a Junior at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and I study German, Political Science, and International Studies. This past year I had the opportunity to live and study in southwest Germany at Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg. In the fall, I took an intensive language course through my program (Academic Year in Freiburg), and during the winter semester I took classes directly at the University. During the summer semester, on top of university courses, I interned with the City of Freiburg in the Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement Stabstelle (Sustainability Management Department). In my free time, aside from traveling, I had opportunity to work with the German-American Institute, The Carl-Schurz Haus, on projects related to fostering German-American relations at a local level, and I became involved politically with voter registration initiatives for Americans living overseas. Spending an entire year abroad allowed me to explore a wide-breath of “everyday German life.” I lived, studied, and worked with Germans, and it was more rewarding on a personal and academic level than I could have ever imagined. But I am eager to share my experiences with students back in the US and encourage them to study abroad in Germany! My experience was so rich with new experiences, and I learned so much about language, culture, politics, and relationships, that I cannot possible keep it all to myself.

  Michele Ann Escano Osei
  Home University: Concordia University
  Major: Industrial Engineering
  Program/University in Germany: Universität Freiburg


Hallo 🙂 My name is Michele Ann Escano Osei and I am currently studying Industrial Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. For my semester abroad I chose to attend the University of Freiburg to experience two major changes in my everyday lifestyle: a change of place, going from a big city to a small city and a change in the language spoken daily. The fact that Freiburg is also the sunniest city in Germany was a beautiful bonus! As a person that enjoys being active, I loved that the whole city was accessible by bike and that the university offered many sports and fitness classes. I can confidently say that my exchange in Germany has been the best and most rewarding experience of my life. I made friendships with so many amazing people and I am grateful to have met all of them because they made my stay in Germany the best it could have been. I can't wait to plan my next trip back to Germany, whether it’s another semester abroad or just for leisure. If you need any tips, words of advice or just want to hear stories of my stay in Germany feel free to send me a message it will be my pleasure to share them with you. Tschüss!

  Ariel Gunn
  Home University: Virginia Tech
  Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering, German
  Program/ University in Germany: Universität Kalsruhe


Hallo! My name is Ariel and I am receiving dual degrees from Virginia Tech in Industrial and Systems Engineering and German. I started studying German when I was in 7th grade after my mom told me I had to study a language, and I just never stopped! When I started at Virginia Tech, I knew I wanted to continue German classes, and decided to double major. I was lucky that my Engineering department had a specific program for semester abroad already set up with KIT, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and I ended up being the first person from my University to do a full year abroad at KIT! While in Germany, I took some language classes, but I mainly focused on engineering courses that I took in German. I was very lucky to be at such a highly ranked University as this gave me many opportunities which I wouldn’t have had in the US, such as a 3-day crash course in Supply Chain Management taught by the head of Supply Chain in Europe for a high-profile consulting firm. I was also fortunate to meet many people from many different backgrounds, as well as to be able to take time to travel throughout Germany. Being in Germany also gave me many opportunities for personal growth, teaching me to be more independent and how to take better care of myself. My time in Germany not only helped my language skills, but it also made me a better engineer and person overall. I’m very excited to help other students have a study abroad experience in Germany that is as wonderful and fulfilling as mine!

  Klara Huebsch
  Home University: University of British Columbia
  Major: Global Resource Systems
  Program/University in Germany: Humboldt Universität


Hallo! My name is Klara and I am studying sustainability at UBC in Vancouver, Canada. Last summer I had a wonderful experience attending a summer school at Berlin’s Humboldt Universität, one of Germany’s most prestigious universities. It was a pleasure to deepen my understanding of German by taking a German language class and using the language as I navigated my way through life in the city. I picked up vocabulary and grammar more quickly, and became comfortable speaking German in restaurants and to strangers I’d meet while exploring. I was also delighted to learn more about my passion of green urban development and sustainability. As part of my course, “Land in the City-Green in the City”, we had the experience of going on field trips across Berlin to visit various parks, rooftop gardens, and urban agriculture projects like in the Gemeinschaftsgarten Allmende-Kontor urban garden at Tempelholfer Feld and the Tiergarten. Visiting Berlin’s forward-thinking, green spaces significantly enriched my education in sustainability. I was able to see a number of real world applications to the theories I had learned and gained many ideas that I brought back with me to UBC in Vancouver.
I also went on other excursions planned by Humboldt for the summer students, including a cruise down the Spree River, a trip to Potsdam, and a tour of the Reichstag Parliamentary building. It was so exciting to explore the wonders of the city with students from around the world. I also explored the city through a convenient and affordable bike rental app called NextBike Berlin. I loved cruising through Berlin’s diverse neighbourhoods and discovering interesting art galleries and museums along the way.

  Regan Kat
  Home University: University of Waterloo
  Major: German
  Program/University in Germany: Universität Mannheim


Hi there! My name is Regan Kat and I am pursuing a degree in German and Digital Arts and Communications at the University of Waterloo. I have been learning German for approximately two and a half years, and have recently returned to Canada after spending six months in Mannheim. My first experience with German culture and language was through a short term exchange program organized through my High School. After this, I was inspired to work towards a degree in German. Making the decision to earn a German degree through my home university and studying abroad was one of the best I have made. I am passionate about my studies and am looking forward to the opportunity to share what I love. I was fortunate enough study for one semester at Universität Mannheim. After having this experience, I would happily recommend studying in Germany to everyone. No matter what you are interested in, there are great opportunities to explore and learn something new in Germany. Food, music and travel are only a few of many great things to be experienced during a period of time studying in Germany. I would describe the experience of my exchange as life changing. Not only is there the chance to learn about a new culture, but you are able to learn more about yourself and try things you never thought you would have. I am looking forward to being a Young Ambassador and answering any questions you may have!

  Amisadai Licea
  Home University: Vassar College
  Major: German Studies and Economics
  Program/University in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin


Hallo! My name is Amisadai Licea and I am currently a senior at Vassar College, majoring in Economics and German Studies, with a minor in Latin American and Latin Studies. I had the pleasure of studying for a semester at the Freie Universität (FU) in Berlin, the best city in all of Germany. At first, I was intimidated by the idea of being away from home for six months. I was so afraid I would get homesick, but I quickly discovered that I was too busy immersing myself in the German culture and taking advantage of Berlin’s rich history and museums, that I did not have time to get homesick. In Berlin, there was always something to do every single day, whether it was the annual Berlinale International Film Festival that takes place in February, May Day and Karneval der Kulturen in Kreuzberg, or the many weekly flea markets around the city. Every week, I found myself exploring new parts of Berlin, stopping to admire the architecture, making my way to one of the many parks located within the city, and discovering small food shops with the best Döners. Not only did my German improve immensely, but I got so much more than that out of my semester abroad experience. It was truly refreshing to break out of my routine at Vassar and experience college in a different country. This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, especially as a student coming from a low-income household, I never thought I could afford to study abroad in Germany, but there are so many great scholarships, programs, and resources willing to help you get there. I am a resource and will gladly help in anyway, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Tschüss!

  Susan Long
  Home University: Georgetown University
  Major: American Studies
  Program/University in Germany: Universität Freiburg


Hey there! My name is Susan Brynne Long, and I am about to start my senior year at Georgetown University to finish my bachelor’s in American Studies with a minor in History. I began learning German my freshman year after hearing it in the film “Django Unchained” and falling in love with the language. I was so blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to study in Freiburg im Breisgau for a semester during the fall of my Junior year. The generosity of the DAAD helped me with living expenses, travel and cultural experiences. In Freiburg, I not only improved my German skills greatly, but also learned how to live independently in a foreign country, and made many new friends. Since returning home, I have noticed a new level of confidence in myself as well as in my language and personal skills. Going to Germany changed my life, and I will forever be grateful for it. I loved my time in Freiburg, and I hope to return to Deutschland in the near future. In the meantime, I want to share stories of my experience with others in order to inspire them to study abroad in Germany. I’m happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about living in Germany, learning the language and adjusting to the culture. Tschüss!

  Laura McGeary
  Home University: Wellsley College
  Major: Neuroscience, Health & Society
  Program/University in Germany: Jacobs University


Moin moin! My name is Laura McGeary. I am a senior at Wellesley College, and I major in Neuroscience. While I had only one year of German language experience before my semester in northern Germany, the opportunity felt right and I don’t regret the choice to go. Prior to the start of my semester in Germany, I participated in a four week intensive language course in Hamburg. This experience remains a highlight: it provided not only German culture immersion, but I had the chance to befriend classmates from around the globe. It was fascinating to learn about their cultures and their motivations to learn German. After this, I relocated to the idyllic yet mighty city of Bremen. Here, I studied at Jacobs University. This experience was unique because Jacobs is an international university, with English as the common language. Again, I met students from far and wide, and I hope to one day visit my new friends in their home countries. My relationship with DAAD began here as the organization funded curriculum-based excursions to Berlin and Geneva, Switzerland. Trips to the Reichstag building, the World Health Organization, countless art museums, and traditional German and Swiss dinners made my abroad experience much more meaningful, and I can thank DAAD for supplementing the classroom with real life experiences. During my independent travels, I visited London, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Budapest, and Munich. At the heart of Europe and just a plane ticket away, Germany is a land ripe with beautiful places, pleasant people and traditions, with plenty of opportunity for professional success. I hope my time as a DAAD Young Ambassador will encourage others to explore Germany.

  Sharice Molgat
  Home University: University of Manitoba, College of Medicine
  Major: Family Social Science & Social Development
  Program/University in Germany: Universität Greifswald


Hallo! Ich heiße Sharice. I am a 20-year-old student in the third year of my four-year Family Social Science degree, with a specialization in Social Development. I grew up in a French-English bilingual home which strongly influenced me to pursue language studies in my free time. After learning Spanish for 3 years, I moved to the Dominican Republic for 3 months to volunteer in a small community. I loved being in a new country, immersed in a new culture and learning a new language. When I returned to Canada, I was eager to embark upon a new adventure. By complete chance, I heard about the scholarship exchange opportunity to study in Germany. I immediately started learning German and by the next year I was living in Germany, speaking German every day. In Greifswald, I was constantly learning, and learning in the best way, simply by living. Naturally I learned within the classroom and university context, but also by meeting and speaking with others. I have had the opportunity to get to know so many incredible people from all parts of the world. Overall, this experience has taught me that life is full of surprises. Two years ago, I could never have imagined that I would be there, now, I’ve lived this life-enhancing experience. Although I returned to Canada my ties with Germany and the German language are far from over. I cannot wait to discover further opportunities within the global German community.

  Anna Moreland
  Home University: University of Massachusetts Amherst
  Major: German Studies and Italian Studies
  Program/University in Germany:  Universität Tübingen


Hallo! My name is Anna Moreland and I am a senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in German Studies and Italian Studies. I have been interested in the German language and in Germany for almost my whole life, especially after visiting Germany as an eleven year old. I began learning the German language when I was fourteen years old as a freshman in high school and when I was sixteen, I had the wonderful experience of participating in a three week long German exchange program.
This year I finally realized my dream of studying abroad in Germany for a year. During the 2017-2018 school year, I studied abroad at Eberhard Karls Universität in Tübingen. I’ve really enjoyed being able to be immersed in the German language and culture, especially in such a beautiful city as Tübingen. Living in a small city that is extremely multi-cultural and vibrant has not only afforded me the opportunity to learn about German culture, but also the cultures of so many other places.
The main focus of my time in Germany was to improve my ability in the German language and this has definitely be achieved this year. Universität Tübingen has a wonderful program for people to want to learn German and I have gained a new confidence in using German through the immersive German courses offered by the university.
My experience in Germany has been such a tremendous opportunity for me to grow as a person, a student, and a language learner. I look forward to being able to share my experience with others, through the DAAD Young Ambassadors Program.

  Emily Neises
  Home University: Wichita State University
  Major: Integrated Marketing Communications
  Program/University in Germany: HAW Hamburg


Moin! My name is Emily Neises and I am currently studying integrated marketing communications at Wichita State University. I am also a study abroad ambassador for my university and I frequently work events or booths on my campus at which I talk to students interested in pursuing a chance to travel abroad. In the spring of 2017 I got the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Hamburg, Germany, at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. During the five months I was there, I learned so much about cultures, customs and the world around me that wouldn’t have been possible had I stayed in my home town. I met strangers who became friends from all corners of the world, and travelled to 6 countries and 12 cities while I was there. By sharing my experience, I hope to spark a flame inside other students who are waiting to take the jump into studying abroad. International study in your college career is vital to helping you become a well-rounded and grounded individual. If everyone travelled abroad and were more in tune with the world around them, I believe that it would benefits us all in our future careers and personal endeavours. I look forward to learning and growing with the students around me who are also passionate about study in Germany!

  Nam Nguyen
  Home University: Washington State University
  Major: Chemistry and International Business
  Program/University in Germany: (CIEE) Global Instititute


"Hallo, ich heiße Nam Nguyen. I'm Vietnamese, and I'm currently a junior at Washington State University, pursuing a dual bachelor's degree in Chemistry and International Business, with a triple minor in Global Studies, the Global Leadership Certificate program and the Certificate of Global Competencies program. As an international education enthusiast, I'm so fortunate to have been able to study abroad in many different places. I became the first student from Washington State University to have studied abroad in 9 successive study abroad programs over 5 different continents. I have studied in Ireland, Italy, Germany, the UK, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Argentina and Antarctica. Out of all of these places, I would say that Germany was my favorite place to study. I studied German and Political Science there for 2 months at the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) in Berlin, which was an extremely educational and eye-opening experience. I feel everyone can benefit from attending a study abroad program as it makes students more culturally aware and open-minded, which is a necessity in our globalized world. Experiencing another country’s culture can open many doors for students both academically and professionally. Should you be considering a study abroad program, I would encourage you to check out Germany. Since Germany is deemed the land of ideas, studying there can inspire students to develop creative and innovative ideas to improve the future. If you have any questions about Germany, about living and studying abroad, or just want to hear about my experiences studying abroad, feel free to contact me. Auf Wiedersehen!

  Fizza Noor
  Home University: University of Miami
  Major: Management
  Program/University in Germany:  University of Mannheim


Hi, my name is Fizza and I am currently a junior at the University of Miami, majoring in Management. I chose Germany as my study abroad location for the spring 2018 semester because of its strong economy as I believed this would supplement my major and studying about the German culture and economy exceeded my expectations. Academically and spiritually, studying in Germany was a transformative experience. Because of the diversity within Germany and the exposure I received to different cultures while travelling through Europe I am now a more open minded and confident person. I took two levels of German language and I absolutely loved it. As a result, I will continue learning the language and I hope to return to Germany after finishing my degree in the USA. Lots of the things were unclear to me when I first landed in Germany, but I explored the city, downloaded travel applications on my phone, took German language courses, enrolled in a class about the European Union, the Euro crisis and Germany’s role in it, and before long, Germany started feeling like home. While in Germany, I travelled to Heidelberg, Rothenberg, Speyer, Baden Baden, the Black Forest, Berlin, the European Central Bank, Money Museum and Bundesbank. Outside of Germany, I travelled to Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, France and Turkey. All of these travels enriched my experience in Germany infinitely. I would highly recommend a study abroad in Germany and would gladly offer my help to anyone looking for a well-rounded experience in the heart of Europe.

  Bethann Odell
  Home University: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  Major: Consumer Apparel Retail Studies
  Program/University in Germany: Universität Mannheim


Hi! My name is Bethann Odell and I am a senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I am majoring in Consumer, Apparel, and Retails Studies as well as German, and minoring in International and Global Studies. I was fortunate to have studied abroad in Mannheim for the fall 2017 semester. During this time I took classes in business and German at Universität Mannheim. My experience was life changing and provided a new insight to my major classes taught back home. Prior to this study abroad experience, I had been exposed to Germany through my father and his service in the US Army. My dad took me to Germany after graduating high school and I knew then that it was a place I wanted to return to. I then took a weeklong course in Berlin through a faculty-led study abroad program at UNC Charlotte. After transferring to UNC Greensboro I went with the Bryan School of Business to Brussels, Belgium and worked on entrepreneurship projects with students from the Université catholique de Louvain. These experiences leading up to my semester abroad really tuned me into my passion for travel and sharing that with other people. Studying in Germany has actually connected me to people I would have never dreamed of and opened doors for me personally and professionally. As a DAAD Young Ambassador I hope to connect people and their passions to Germany and see them experience the same life changing, positive outcomes that I have had (and am continuing to have!)

  Caitlin Ryan
  Home University: University of Calgary
  Major: Bioinformatics
  Program/University in Germany: Technische Hochschule Berlin


Guten Tag! My name is Caitlin Ryan, and I’m working towards a degree in Bioinformatics with a minor in German at the University of Calgary. In January 2015, while studying Computer Science, I decided to apply for a DAAD RISE internship and was accepted for the summer of 2015. I spent 10 weeks researching at the Technische Hochschule Berlin with the Fachgebiet KBS (Kommunikations- und Betriebssysteme) – the Operating Systems and Communications Group under the supervision of a Ph.D. student. This experience was not only invaluable for my computer science studies, but very rewarding personally. I participated in the Tandem Language Program at the TU Berlin and was matched with a German-speaking student. Every week we met at a café and had conversations auf Deutsch and in English. On my very last night in Germany we cooked dinner together, and I got to practice my language skills by reading German recipes. Before leaving for Germany, I had taken four German-language courses which were immensely helpful in accomplishing all the administrative tasks in preparation of living in Germany. While I was in Germany, I didn’t think my comprehension had improved much, but as soon as I got back to German class I knew that I had absorbed way more than I originally thought. I’m very excited to be a DAAD Young Ambassador and hope to be able to share more information with you. I’m happy to answer questions via email about my experience with DAAD RISE or about study, research, and life in Germany. Tschüss!

  James Schacht
  Home University: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  Major: Global Studies and German
  Program/University in Germany: Universität Heidelberg


Hello! My name is James Schacht and as I studied a semester abroad in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany. I’m a junior at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and I am majoring in Global Studies, with a concentration in Western European Economics, Trade, and Development, with a double major in German Culture and Literature. Studying in Heidelberg has provided me with the opportunity to immerse myself in the everyday lifestyle of a German student. This includes being directly enrolled into the university and taking classes alongside other German students, as well as living in a flat with 3 German roommates (with whom I got to practice my language skills). One of the best parts of my experience in Germany was that I not only met people from around Germany, but from all over the world. They are relationships that I will keep for the rest of my life, and I am confident I will have a place to stay in nearly every part of the world. Much of my free time was spent travelling through Germany and through the entire continent of Europe, which was made so easy by the central location of Germany. I can honestly say that this past semester in Germany has been the best five months of my life, and I cannot wait to share my experiences and answer any questions anyone may have about life abroad in Germany!

  Pierce Thompson
  Home University: Auburn University
  Major: Software Engineering and German
  Program/University in Germany: Goethe Institut


Guten Tag! My name is Pierce, and I am currently in my senior year at Auburn University. I am studying Software Engineering and German. After being in college for two years, I decided to take a hiatus from my studies and fulfill my childhood dream of learning a foreign language. I chose Germany because of the relationship between my engineering background and the history of German engineering. I bought a plane ticket and traveled to Berlin knowing “Hallo” and “Guten Tag.” There I lived for seven months where I learned German at Goethe-Institut Berlin. Through the Institut, I was provided with a German host with whom I lived for the first two months of my stay. I could not speak more highly of my experience in Berlin and the host I lived with. He helped immerse me in the Berlin culture in which he had already lived for 35 years. Studying abroad in Germany provided me with lifelong friends from all over the world. With these friends I have been fortunate to travel to parts of the world I would have never imagined visiting. My time spent in Germany is invaluable to me, and I plan on returning after the completion of my Bachelor’s Degree in order to pursue a Master’s Degree. I want to promote the idea of traveling abroad for an extended period of time, and I want to influence and support anyone considering such an experience. Living independently in a foreign country really opens one’s eyes to other cultures and thus can be a life-altering experience.

  Carolin Tolentino
  Home University: Rice University
  Major: German Studies and Environmental Policy
  Program/University in Germany: Universität Freiburg


Hey there! My name is Carolin and I’m a senior majoring in German Studies and Environmental Policy at Rice University. My first experience in Germany was right after high school – it was a bit of a coincidence and not at all related to an existing interest in the culture. One of my mentors informed me about an opportunity to spend four weeks in Hamburg studying sustainability. Given my interest in the environment and my desire to travel, I jumped on it, not giving much weight to where exactly I would be. After a month in Hamburg, I was completely fascinated by the German culture, way of life and the language. In my second year at Rice, I declared the German major and started learning the language. Naturally, this took me to Germany again (just as I had planned): first to Leipzig, where I spent two months in an intensive language course, and then to Freiburg, where I did an exchange year. My time in Germany – starting from that fateful summer after high school – has changed and enriched my life in so many ways. From the friendships I’ve made to the places I’ve seen, I couldn’t have chosen a better path. I’m so excited to share my love for this place with you, and hopefully encourage you to form your own unforgettable experiences in Germany!

  Kerry Walker
  Home University: Smith College
  Major: East Asian Languages and Cultures
  Program/University in Germany: Senckenberg Institut


Hallo! My name is Kerry and I am currently a second-year student at Smith College majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures. Germany has always held a special place in my heart since spending time there as a child, but spending a gap year there really improved my language skills and allowed me to develop a deep appreciation for its rich culture, history, and community. As a part of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Vocational Exchange, I lived with a host family outside of Frankfurt and completed an internship at the Senckenberg Biological Institute. At work, I spent my days working in the microbiology and chromatography labs and eating lunch with my colleagues. In my free time, I played clarinet in a community band, went on long walks with friends, and enjoyed exploring Frankfurt and Hessen. During this time, I became more independent, learned how to adapt to and enjoy other cultures, made lifelong friends, and had the time of my life. Looking back now, I can’t imagine what my life would be like had I not had this wonderful opportunity. That’s why I want to make sure that other students are informed about the possibilities of studying and working in Germany. As someone who already has some experience, but is also eager to return for further study/employment, I would love to talk to anyone who is interested in more information!

  Eric Walter
  Home University: Christopher Newport University
  Major: Biology
  Program/University in Germany: Universität München


Servus. My name is Eric Walter and I am a senior at Christopher Newport University majoring in Biology. I had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Munich while taking an Environmental course at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. I started studying German during my freshman year of college and have enjoyed learning and speaking it with my friends and professors since. Studying in Germany has allowed me to reconnect with my family members and to learn about new cultures. During my stay, I had the chance to travel to various parts of Germany and other countries, which furthered my admiration and drive to study German. It was an amazing and eye-opening experience that I will never forget. Not only did this trip introduce me to a new country but it also gave me the opportunity to meet new people while advancing my language skills. It was the best way to increase my proficiency in German and to allow me to see other cultures’ views. I am here to assist all that are interested in studying in Germany and ensure a great trip that will be just as memorable. Contact me to hear about my trip, why it was the best decision, and how you too can learn so much while simultaneously enjoying your trip in Germany.

  Jonathan Winkler
  Home University: Boston University
  Major: Mechanical engineering
  Program/University in Germany: Technische Universität Dresden


Hello! My name is Jon and I am a rising senior at Boston University, majoring in mechanical engineering. During the spring of 2017, I had the incredible opportunity of spending a semester in Dresden, studying at Technische Universität Dresden. Having never been to Germany beforehand, I was anxious and excited to experience the different culture and learn a new language. I didn't know what to expect but, after a week in Dresden, I fell in love with everything the country had to offer. During my time there, I lived in an apartment complex with students from all around the world, took engineering courses at the university, and spent a lot of my free time exploring the city. Being a city with several schools in it, Dresden is quite the place for students. During the summer especially, there are countless city-wide festivals and events. Even though there was always something to do in Dresden, I also took advantage of being able to travel Europe with ease. After six months, I consider Dresden my second home as I still visit at least once a year. Germany gave me a new culture to experience, a new language to learn, and many memories that I will hold onto forever. As a DAAD Young Ambassador, I want to share my love for Germany in hopes that others will take the opportunity to go and have an experience similar to what I had!