A group of contact persons at a table at the NAFSA.

DAAD representatives attended the 2016 NAFSA Conference on International Education from May 29-June 3 in Denver, Colorado. You can view DAAD’s presentations at the conference here to learn more about Germany and DAAD’s role and insights on international education and study abroad.

NAFSA 2016 German Participant’s Morning – Kanada

Download: NAFSA 2016 German Participants Morning - Kanada (pdf, 1.68 MB)

NAFSA 2016 German-Mexican Collaboration

Download: NAFSA 2016 German Mexican Collaboration (pdf, 509.97 KB)

NAFSA 2016 Deutschland und Mexico Tendenzen

Download: NAFSA 2016 Deutschland und Mexico Tendenzen (pdf, 639.03 KB)