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  • Cameron Morgan

    Cameron Morgan

    Hi! My name is Cameron and I’m entering my third year at Arizona State University. I am pursuing a BSE in Environmental Engineering with the plan of attending graduate school to obtain a PhD related to air quality engineering. Research is one of my biggest passions and I was ecstatic when awarded the DAAD RISE scholarship. Not only did I get to do innovative research in my field of interest, I also got to travel internationally to Germany. I conducted my internship in Freiberg, which is a small town in east Germany. However, I was able to travel to many more cities such as Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, and Munich. One of my favorite things about Germany is the greenery. Even in the larger cities it’s not hard to find parks, open fields, or large amounts of trees which add so much beauty to the country overall. I came into the internship only knowing the basics of German, but have definitely expanded my vocabulary and conversational skills. Along with the culture of Germany, the research I did has been incredibly rewarding. I have learned so many new skills in areas like catalyst development, running lab experiments myself and understanding their processes, and analyzing my results to figure out next steps. My mentor was incredibly helpful in guiding me along the way. I also met other RISE interns in Freiberg and formed some great connections. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and can’t wait to learn and explore more. I definitely recommend this program to everyone and am excited to be its ambassador at my home university so that more students can have these fantastic experiences.

  • Madison Redding

    Madison Redding

    Hallo! My name is Madison Redding and I am going into my third year at Brock University, majoring in Applied Linguistics/TESL and minoring in German. Prior to starting at Brock, I had little to no understanding of German, but after completing roughly half of my minor and partaking in the CSSG program in Kassel, Germany, I feel I have a much better understanding of and grasp on the language and culture. I decided to study for a summer in Kassel because I would be spending the majority of my time in a smaller city (albeit being larger than both St. Catharines, where Brock University is located, and my hometown of Belleville, Ontario), while still getting the chance to visit larger and more well-known cities and landmarks, such as Berlin. I was in the classroom for roughly three hours a day, and when not in class or working on homework, my friends and I were out and about Kassel, taking part in everyday parts of German culture, from hanging out at the Biergarten or Orangerie to eating at what we deemed the best döner place in Kassel. Even when we were doing things familiar to us from Canada, such as shopping along the malls and strips in Königsplatz, we were partaking in everyday German life as we conversed and functioned in German. As a group, we took excursions to Berlin and Trier (and a day trip to Luxembourg) for a few days, and saw great and famous German landmarks, such as Brandenburger Tor and Porta Nigra. When I’m done with school, I would like to go into second-language teaching, specifically teaching English. Preferably, I would like to teach somewhere in Europe, and my time in Germany has not only helped confirm that that is truly something I want to do and go into, but that I truly enjoy living and partaking in German culture and that I can truly see myself living and working there in the future.

  • Delphi Le Blanc

    Delphi Le Blanc

    Hi everyone! My name is Delphi and I am a fourth year German and Environment, Sustainability, and Society (ESS) major at Dalhousie University. I am so thrilled to be a DAAD ambassador! In my first year, I was required to take a language class and I decided to take German. At that time, my motivation was solely family-based, and I wanted to learn how to talk to my Oma in German. Gradually, I found interest in reading texts by German philosophers, scientists, thinkers, poets, etc. and I now hope to be able to read these in their native German. As it turns out, ESS majors are required to double major, so it wasn’t a hard decision to continue. I decided to continue pursing German and here I am almost 4 years later! 

    Sadly, I have not participated in a DAAD program, but I recently went to Germany with Dalhousie University and University of King’s College. During the summer semester, I did a field course in Berlin for 4 weeks. I studied contemporary history in Berlin, specifically dealing with public memory and memorialization. In addition to my two majors, I often try to squeeze in some museum and memory studies into my academics. In this course, we visited museums, memorials, and buildings to better understand Berlin’s 20th century. 

    While the course was taught in English, I was able to use my German skills day-to-day. Ordering food, figuring out transportation announcements, and asking for directions became my job when out with friends. I had a fantastic experience being in Germany and I am so excited to share my enthusiasm back at Dalhousie. I believe studying outside of your institution is an incredible experience and I hope to let others know about this opportunity. 

  • Cate Knothe

    Cate Knothe

    Hi! My name is Cate Knothe and I am a rising fourth-year student at Duke University where I am pursuing a double major in German and Cinematic Arts. I started learning German in high school, but it was really during my first year at university that I grew to love the process of acquiring a new language. I particularly admired the way one goes about that process through the studying of music, art, architecture, literature, history, and film.

    From February to August of 2023, I took part in the Duke in Berlin program to continue my language-learning journey and surround myself with the vibrant artistic culture of Berlin. During my time there, I stayed with a host mother and studied at Freie Universität and Technische Universität. Being so immersed in the language on an academic, cultural, and personal level, I felt my grasp of German advance significantly in only six months. I also felt so fortunate to visit the museums, galleries, and exhibitions of a city alive with creativity and creation. In my free time, I wandered through some of the many parks in Berlin, ate barbeque and strawberry cake in Schrebergärten, and browsed the rows of treasures found in the city’s flea markets.

    Overall, my time abroad has significantly impacted the trajectory of not only my academic career, but my future career goals as well (of which a return to Germany is definitely in the cards). As a Young Ambassador, I look forward to encouraging others to take advantage of global study opportunities and, specifically, to follow their interests and passions to Germany.

  • Paulo Tuano

    Paulo Tuano

    Hi! I’m Paulo Tuano, and I am a senior at McGill University majoring in German Studies with minors in French and Linguistics. I love learning languages and finding out more about them. I want other people to be able to experience what I have, and as a result, I aspire to be a German professor and teach the subject that has brought so much to me. 

    From 2019 to 2020, I had the opportunity to take a gap year and participate in the Congress-Bundestag-Youth-Exchange (CBYX) program and go to a small town in Saxony-Anhalt called Osterburg. Before my exchange year, I could not speak a single word of German and had to learn from the very basics. My year abroad had such a great impact on my life, and I wanted to go back as soon as I possibly could. 

    Since returning to Germany in September 2022, I returned to Osterburg to give back to the community where I spent almost an entire year in. My former English teacher asked me to be her assistant in her 7th-grade English class for a month, during which I helped her students with their presentations and daily classroom activities. I loved working with my English teacher and her students, and I feel like I strengthened the bond between me and my host community.  

    For my third year of university, I went on exchange at the Freie Universität Berlin and attended classes as if I were a regular university student there. During the second half of my exchange year, I was offered an internship at the language center as a teacher’s assistant in an A2-level German course for international students. I got a lot of experience out of actively engaging with the students and learning about the various teaching methods of language learning.  

    All in all, the time I spent here in Germany is something I will never forget. I want to show the importance of an experience abroad, and I hope to inspire others to also have their own unique stories to tell. 

  • Nolan Rachocki

    Nolan Rachocki

    Hello! My name is Nolan Rachocki, a senior at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in German and International Relations with a minor in European Studies. My fascination with German Culture and Language began in middle school. Since then, I’ve participated in three exchange programs, notably the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship and the Academic Year in Freiburg (AYF) Program. 

    Immersing myself in Freiburg’s culture in southwestern Germany was a transformative experience. The city’s prime location, at the foot of the Black Forest, and the University’s well-recognized reputation made it an ideal place to study. Not to mention the well-balanced mix of local and international students made it a diverse and inviting city to live in.  

    While in Freiburg, I took courses in various subjects, including political science, German, and linguistics. The option to choose from an extensive range of courses is one of the reasons I chose the Academic Year in Freiburg program. Additionally, I had the opportunity of working as a classroom assistant and guest presenter in local English classes, which helped to provide me with practical teaching experience.

    Interestingly, my time in Freiburg marked the beginning of my in-person college journey, aiding in personal, academic, and professional growth. Simple tasks, like ordering a pizza, transformed into significant language milestones. This unique experience sparked my interest in International Education. I now hope to help others explore educational opportunities abroad, especially in Germany. 

  • Rebecca Cole

    Rebecca Cole

    Hallo! My name is Rebecca Cole and I am a senior studying at Sewanee: The University of the South. I am a history and German and German studies double major with a minor in art history. After I graduate, I intend to pursue a doctorate in history with a focus on modern German history.

    In 2022, I had the amazing opportunity to spend May through December in Berlin, Germany. My study abroad experience consisted of three different programs and I loved the unique experiences that each one offered. The first program was through my school and in partnership with the Deutsch in Deutschland Institute. This was a three-week intensive language and culture program that offered a thorough overview of the city that would be my new home for the rest of the year. Following that program, I conducted an independent research project as a Ledford Scholar and volunteered with the Stolpersteine Project as a biographical researcher. I built life-long friendships in Berlin and was doing hard, but very rewarding work in the archives. I enjoyed traveling, reading in the park, and chatting in beer gardens with my new friends. I then remained in Berlin for the fall semester in a program with professors and curriculum from my school and in partnership with the Institute for the International Education of Students in Berlin. I immersed myself in the deeply layered history of the city and the culture that surrounded me. Studying language, pop culture, history, memory studies, and gender studies, I felt truly passionate about every course. As a DAAD Young Ambassador, I look forward to helping other students learn about studying abroad in Germany so that they too can be transformed like I was!

  • Paige Lyles

    Paige Lyles

    Servus! Mein Name ist Paige Lyles und ich studiere Bauingenieurwesen (civil engineering) an der UC Berkeley. This past summer I had the opportunity to further explore my interest in sustainable infrastructure through my research at Hochschule München. My project focused on developing sustainable concrete mix designs to be used in 3D printing of structures and UHPC (ultra high performance concrete) mix variations to be used in restoration and failure prevention of pre-existing structures. 

    The state of Bayern (Bavaria) has so much to offer in terms of intellectual stimulation at the university level, but also breathtaking alps, beautiful bodies of water, and an exciting culture with appetizing food. Although the summertime is too early to partake in Oktoberfest activities, numerous biergartens are scattered across the city and volksfeste like Frülingsfest and the Kocherlball allow you the chance to observe and partake in the culture and traditions of the region. Some of my favorite memories include trips to admire the wondrous architecture of buildings like the Neuschwanstein Schloss and spending time with colleagues and friends at a biergarten or next to the Isar river in the Englischer Garten. Not to mention, the central location of Germany makes weekend trips to other countries seamless! 

    I grew up in Germany for some time and have family roots in Baden-Wurttemberg, so I could rely on the bit of German I learned as a child to help in acclimating to life in München. However, I wouldn’t be worried for those who are new to learning the language as the majority of locals speak English which can be of great help with the transition as you are growing your German skills. 

    My time in München was marked by amazing opportunities for both professional and personal growth, and I highly recommend it to those considering applying to the DAAD. I would be happy to give advice and share more about my experience, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you might have! 

  • Chloe Jaiswal

    Chloe Jaiswal

    Hallo! My name is Chloe Jaiswal, and I am a third year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am currently majoring in Computer Science + Chemistry and am from the Cincinnati area. I had first heard about DAAD RISE Germany when I was a junior in high school, and I knew that I wanted to apply when I was eligible. I had always loved traveling and thought it would be an incredible and unique opportunity to live in Germany while conducting research.  

    In the fall of 2019, I applied to the program and was excited for the different research areas that were listed as potential opportunities. One morning in the beginning of 2020 I woke up to the amazing news that I was matched with a PhD student at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. Unfortunately, soon after hearing about this amazing news, I soon came to learn that my internship would be cancelled for the summer of 2020 due to COVID-18. However, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel and complete the internship once conditions had improved.  

    After one more delay, I was able to travel to Kaiserslautern in early of September of 2021. During my time abroad, I met many amazing people and made some unforgettable memories. One of my favorite activities that me and the other interns would sometimes do after work was play soccer or “fußball” with some of the PhD students. My time in Kaiserslautern taught me many things about myself not only academically, but also personally and I am excited to show others my love for Germany by sharing my experiences as a DAAD Young Ambassador.  

  • Selma Osmanović

    Selma Osmanović

    Hi! My name is Selma Osmanović, I am entering the fifth year of my double major studies in Political and German Studies at the University of Manitoba! While I have had always a connection to Germany through my family history, I completely fell in love with Germany through a different lens when I started my German Studies degree. German is what I found myself in completely and I cannot possibly imagine going down any other path from here on!  

    This is why I felt motivated to study in Germany as soon as the pandemic would allow it. I was among the first to go on exchange after the pandemic where I attended a DAAD short language course “Academic Life in Leipzig” in September of 2022 at the interDaF (Herder Institut) of the University of Leipzig, after which I moved to the University of Greifswald where I studied in the 2022 fall semester through the University of Manitoba International Centre Exchange Program.  

    My exchange was an amazing opportunity where I experienced not only educational discoveries but also personal ones. I learned just as much academically as I did about myself, my goals in the future, and my outlook on life. It seems as if I have grown as much in only one semester abroad as I would have in a few semesters at home. I am looking forward to being a DAAD Young Ambassador because it makes me feel as if my exchange experience hasn’t ended just yet! I am extremely passionate about the German experience and just how enriching study abroad can be, which is why I cannot wait to share my passion with others and hopefully influence someone out there to study in Germany! 

  • Kurt Beyer

    Kurt Beyer

    Hello! I’m Kurt. I’m from a town near Detroit and study Physics and Philosophy at the University of Michigan. I began teaching myself German in the 7th grade as I initially wanted to explore my family’s German heritage. Gaining proficiency led to a domino effect with the documentaries, books, movies, and history I was able to experience in its original form encouraging me to learn more and more. 

    It is this interest in German culture, history, language, and academic thought that led me to spend the 2023 Summer Semester in Tübingen. I was enrolled in its Philosophical Institute. I was exposed to German philosophical traditions and thought in a way that I never had been before. I met amazing classmates, both German and from other places, with whom I was able to learn new perspectives and bond. Attending classes and studying in a 15th-century building and knowing how many interesting minds have been in the space was surreal to me. In addition, I could not take more than a few steps without encountering a historic monument in the Altstadt. All of these experiences, which do not even start painting the full picture, illustrate how my knowledge of German and experiences studying in Germany have been central to my academic and personal growth. 

    I plan to go back to Germany either to pursue a master’s degree, to pursue research opportunities, or both. I chose to become a Young Ambassador because I believe that all curious minds deserve the chances to grow both personally and academically like I did in Germany. 

  • Melanie Altenkirch

    Melanie Altenkirch

    Hi! My name is Melanie Altenkirch, and I am a senior studying Environmental Science and German at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I started learning German as a child, but didn’t use it enough to maintain fluency. I began relearning the language virtually throughout high school. Engaging with my university’s German department has proven an incredibly rewarding experience for building further cultural connection and finding mentorship – both of which greatly enhanced my experience interning abroad. I am also a huge proponent for the study of languages, literatures, and cultures – exploring the German culture and economics helped me gain a much greater understanding of global and American solutions, especially in the areas of sustainability and energy policy. 

    The summer preceding my junior year, I interned with a company called Swagelok Stuttgart through the German American Exchange program. The program’s focus of transatlantic politics allowed me to explore my curiosity for German renewable energy efforts through the lens of policy and global economics, and I was lucky to find a company that connected to my interests for renewable hydrogen energy. Undergoing an internship in Stuttgart gave me the opportunity to practice my German in a professional yet forgiving setting, and greatly improved my confidence and independence to explore my interests for a future career in the developing German Energiewende.  

    The rewards for studying or working abroad are many, among them building a broader worldview and finding more curiosity to explore our global environment. I believe all students can benefit and find connection to their passions in a German work or university environment, and I hope to share these opportunities with more folks, especially those learning German or interested in the German-American partnership. 

  • Mariangélica Rosario

    Mariangélica Rosario

    Moin! My name is Mariangélica Rosario and I am a second year student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages, majoring in German and minoring in Portuguese. I am passionate about learning from people, their cultures, how their society works, their history, and what better way to learn from all of this than to experience it day by day. So, almost a year after the beginning of the pandemic and with my future in mind, I applied for the Congress – Bundestag Youth Exchange program. In August 2021, after receiving a scholarship from the CBYX program, I moved to a small town in northern Germany called Schwalingen. There, I lived with a host family and completed my senior year of high school in a Gymnasium. I lived there for 11 months, which allowed me to experience the culture and learn some of the language. Through this exchange, I had many new experiences, from going to the local beer garden with my host family, eating all the classic foods like currywurst, and visiting many Döner places with my school friends. I also got to go on day trips and meet other exchange students and explore big cities like Berlin and Hamburg. Living in Germany was a great experience, it helped me to become more internationally aware, it showed me the importance of foreign relations and thanks to this I was able to experience first hand how cultural exchange can shape a person. 

    After this great experience, I am more than aware that living in a foreign country is something that should be tried out at least once in a lifetime. It gives people the opportunity to have a change of environment, to be more open-minded and it helps to get out of their comfort zone. I had a great experience and as a Young Ambassador, my goal is to help other students at my university to have an experience as rewarding as mine. 

  • Gabriel Stradtman

    Gabriel Stradtman

    Hello! My name is Gabriel Stradtman and I am heading into my sophomore year at the University of Rhode Island. I am dual majoring in Mechanical Engineering and German. Before attending college, I had never considered studying German, but after learning Spanish in high school, I wanted to continue studying a language in college. My university offers a progressive language program allowing engineering students to study German and Engineering. Through this program, I could study abroad at one of Germany’s technical universities and intern at a German company during my senior year. In preparation for my year abroad, I participated in a brief exploratory trip all around Germany where I was briefly introduced to the German education system as well as career and research opportunities. In Darmstadt, I visited their technical university where I learned about their curriculum and unique textiles and paper research program. Later on in the trip, I visited Braunschweig’s technical university, meeting graduate students planning to study at my college. Through Germany’s varied industries and collaborative networks, I have become more interested in learning about German culture and opportunities abroad. One of the most interesting cultural differences between Germany and the United States is the different modes of transportation. In Germany, almost everyone relies on the bus or train, and because of this trend, German citizens seem to be more physically active. Furthermore, athletic equipment such as running shoes and yoga mats were sold in certain grocery stores. This surprised me since I hadn’t seen this type of merchandise crossover in U.S. grocery stores. I’ve enjoyed learning about Germany and encouraging others to explore all the country has to offer.  

  • Meg Takezawa

    Meg Takezawa

    Hallo! I’m Meg Takezawa, a chemistry major at the University of Washington. Growing up in an intercultural environment, I have always appreciated traveling abroad and learning about new cultures. After participating in multiple research projects at my home institution, I wanted to challenge myself by pursuing research in a foreign country. Luckily, in the fall of 2021, I first heard about the DAAD RISE program from my friends. Despite never traveling to Europe, I was interested in connecting with international researchers and further broaden my horizon. I was thrilled when I received the DAAD RISE scholarship and connected with a lab in Coburg.  

    In the summer of 2022, I led an independent project with the support of my mentors. At first, I struggled with the technical nature of my internship and the language barrier. When I faced challenges, many friendly colleagues taught me different techniques or trained me on diverse instruments. These experiences convinced me that Germany is a perfect place to establish cooperative, interdisciplinary work to advance science together. As my confidence increased through research, I also developed the comfort to interact with my landlady and neighbors, despite my minimal German. I spent time with new friends going swimming, exploring various local events, and preparing a relaxed brunch on Sunday mornings.  

    Throughout the summer, I was in awe of the beauty of cultures and architecture not mentioned in the tourist guides. I entered Germany believing I would only learn science but was enamored of the rich history and colorful landscapes. Inspired by these memories, I developed a new hobby of finding these “hidden gems” in foreign cultures. As a Young Ambassador, I hope to inspire more individuals to immerse themselves in German culture and embrace its beauty. 

  • Hannah Uitvlugt-Rafuse

    Hannah Uitvlugt-Rafuse

    Hallo Studenten! I’m Hannah, but I also go by Frau Hannah. I am a bilingual English-German university student, whose dream career is to be a second language professor at a university. I currently teach English and German online, as well as write a travel blog about my adventures around the globe.  

    My journey with German started in elementary school when my family decided to move to Germany. Big change right? I spent one year in Canada learning German at a Saturday morning German language school, then we moved to Germany. We spent some time in Mannheim, but eventually settled in Viernheim. In Viernheim, I was enrolled in an international program at a Gemeinsamschule alongside other foreigners. We spent pretty much the entire school day learning the German language and culture.  

    After a year, we moved back to Canada where I continued my German language studies throughout high school and university. In May 2022, I returned to Germany on the CSSG program. On this program, I lived in Kassel for 6 weeks with a host family and was enrolled in a teacher development course for DaF. Initially, I was really hesitant when applying for the program. But, I remember a friend encouraging me to take it one step at a time, and before I knew it, I was boarding an 8 hour flight to Frankfurt. 

    Thanks to this program, I had the opportunity to teach German in Germany to Canadian students, and teach English in Germany to German students. I also improved my understanding of German culture and made some great connections! I’m grateful for everything this experience taught me and cannot wait to inspire other students, the way my friend did for me, to take the leap of faith to study/research abroad!  

  • Grace Bauernfeind

    Grace Bauernfeind

    Hello! My name is Grace Bauernfeind, and I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison studying German and Political Science, with a certificate in European Studies. I started learning German in elementary school, but despite learning it for a long time, I had never been to Germany. I knew I wanted to study abroad in college and finally use the language and experience the culture I had been learning about, as well as pursue my academic interests there. This eventually led me to the Academic Year in Freiburg (AYF) program at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg. 

    Freiburg, where I spent the year abroad, is the “Black Forest Capital of Germany”, a small but picturesque university and tourist town a short train ride away from both Switzerland and France. This city turned out to be a wonderful location for my year abroad. At the University I was able to take classes with German students, as well as other international students, across a variety of subjects, and got to meet many incredible people from across the world. During my spare time, I truly enjoyed walking and exploring in and around the city, there are tons of hidden wander paths with beautiful views of the mountains and forest. On weekends, I also loved going on smaller day trips to surrounding towns, for beautiful hiking trails, castle ruins, and small festivals. The city itself always had something to do, too, like farmer’s markets and free public performances. During the spring semester (German summer semester) I even had the opportunity to do an internship with an international environmental NGO, ICLEI. This was an outstanding experience for me and has really driven my interest in environmental politics and policy.  

    The time I spent in Freiburg, and in Germany, really allowed me to immerse myself in the German language and culture, which significantly improved my German language ability. Through my study abroad experience, I was pushed to grow academically and developed a new sense of independence, and as a Young Ambassador, I hope to inspire others to study abroad and live in Germany as well.  

  • Vicky Thomas

    Vicky Thomas

    Hallo! My name is Vicky Thomas, and I am a senior at Virginia Tech pursuing degrees in Mechanical Engineering and German. My journey with German began in high school and has flourished during my time at Virginia Tech, where I am deeply involved in the German program. I serve as president of both the German Culture Club and Teach 4 Jamie, a club that holds an after-school German program for elementary school students in the Blacksburg community. 

    I spent this past summer in Berlin, taking part in an internship program with IES Abroad. Four days a week for eight weeks, I worked at a community garden project in Berlin Wedding. I dedicated equal time to learning the hands-on fundamentals of urban gardening and supporting educational initiatives within the garden project that benefit the community. During my time in Germany, I had the opportunity to live with a host family, and it completely transformed my experience. I learned about the culture of former East Germany from my host mom and gained insights into the city through the lens of someone who has lived there for most of her life. 

    I am deeply passionate about language learning and cultural exchange. I believe that studying a different language and culture creates the potential for people to overcome their differences and promotes a more tolerant and equitable society. I am thrilled to be a DAAD Young Ambassador, enabling me to share this passion with my fellow students and inspire them to study abroad. My time in Germany was life-changing and has motivated me to encourage others to seek out similar transformative experiences. 

  • Mariam Drammeh

    Mariam Drammeh

    Hello! My name is Mariam Drammeh and I am a junior majoring in Cognitive and Behavioral Science and German and minoring in Art History. I grew up in Lawrenceville, GA where I started studying German in high school and have not stopped since! These classes, and especially my language teacher, fostered my love for the language and inspired me to continue studying it in college. I spent the summer of 2023 in Berlin doing an internship at a refugee organization, Moabit Hilft after spending a month in Graz, Austria doing an intensive language, history, and culture study. My summer in Berlin was truly a summer of wonder and discovery. I was able to grow my professional skills and unlock my interest in working for a non-governmental organization. I was also able to learn more about my cultural background by watching how people of different cultures built communities in a foreign land. My experience in Berlin not only prompted me to return and study more about the refugee crisis, but also to learn how to find comfort in moments of discomfort and truly push myself to learn more. I could not have loved my experience in Germany more and I cannot wait to take on the role of a DAAD ambassador, in order for students at my university to have the chance to experience the same wonder I did!

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