Meet our DAAD Research Ambassadors! They are scholars and scientists in North America who have conducted advanced long-term research projects in Germany and are happy to help by sharing their experiences with you and answering any questions your may have. Use the interactive map below to locate a Research Ambassador near you.

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  • Aftab Ahmed

    • Photo of Aftab Ahmed.

      Research Associate Professor, Chapman University School of Pharmacy – Irvine, California
      Research Interests: Protein purification and characterization (Proteomics)
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried
      E-Mail: aahmed(at)

  • Albrecht Classen

    • Photo of Albrecht Classen.

      University Distinguished Professor of German Studies, The University of Arizona, Tucson
      Research Interests: medieval and early modern German and European literature, cultural history, history of mentality, everyday culture, interdisciplinary research, gender studies, and comparative literature
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Universities in Freiburg, Marburg, Frankfurt a. M., Leipzig, Halle, Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel
      E-Mail: aclassen(at)

  • Alexander Lerch

    • Photo of Alexander Lerch.

      Assistant Professor, Center for Music Technology – Georgia Institute of Technology
      Research Interests: Music Information Retrieval & Music Technology
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Technische Universitaet Berlin
      E-Mail: alerch(at)

  • Alina Dana Weber

    • Photo of Alina Dana Weber.

      Assistant Professor of German, Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics – The Florida State University
      Research Interests: Cultural transfers, cultural representation in German literature, theatre, and film; German Romanticism and Realism; folklore in performance, literature, and film
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin
      E-Mail: aweber(at)

  • Ann Lemke

    • Photo of Ann Lemke.

      Oboe Instructor – Cranbrook Schools, Bloomfield Hills, MI; Visiting Scholar – Germanic Languages & Literatures, The University of Michigan
      Research Interests: German women writers and composers, the interrelationship of music and literature, Goethe songs, music for young children
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Karl-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
      E-Mail: mail(at)lemkestudio[dot]com

  • Boerge Hemmerling

    • Assistant Professor of Physics – University of California, Riverside
      Research Interests: Atomic, molecular and optical physics
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Leibniz University of Hannover; Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig; University of Heidelberg
      E-Mail: b.hemmerling(at)

  • Brian S. Mitchell

    • Photo of Brian S. Mitchell.

      Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering – Tulane University
      Research Interests: Nanostructured Materials Processing
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Bergakademie Freiberg/BAM; DLR; Max Planck Inst. F. Kolloids
      E-Mail: bmitchell(at)

  • Carol Anne Costabile-Heming

    • Photo of Carol Anne Costabile-Heming.

      Professor of German – University of North Texas, Denton
      Research Interests: German literature and culture, German film, memory studies
      Universities/Research Institutes in Germany: Zentrum für zeithistorische Forschung, Potsdam, Humboldt Universität, Berlin; Deutsches Literaturarchiv, Marbach
      E-Mail: carolanne.costabile-heming(at)

  • Christa Spreizer

    • Associate Professor – Queens College/CUNY
      Research Interests: German studies
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin; Landesarchiv Berlin; Akademie der Künste, Berlin
      E-Mail: ch.spreizer(at)

  • Christoph Schaal

    • Assistant Professor – California State University, Northridge
      Research Interests: Ultrasonics and applied mechanics
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Stuttgart
      E-Mail: ch.schaal(at)

  • David J. Westenberg

    • Photo of David J. Westenberg.

      Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemical and Biochemical Engineering – Missouri University of Science and Technology
      Research Interests: Plant-microbe interactions, antibacterial materials and science education
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Institute for Microbiology, Göttingen, Department of Cell Biology and Applied Botany, Marburg
      E-Mail: djwestenberg(at)

  • Dr. Jürgen F. Brune

    • Photo of Dr. Jürgen F. Brune.

      Research Professor – Mining Engineering, College of Earth Resource Sciences and Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
      Research Interests: Mine Ventilation, Mine Safety and Health, Coal Mining, Mine Fire and Explosion Prevention
      University/Research Institution in Germany: TU Clausthal
      E-Mail: jbrune(at)

  • Elisa H. Barney Smith

    • Photo of Elisa H Barney Smith.

      Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department– Boise State University, Boise, Idaho
      Research Interests: Image Processing and Pattern recognition, with document analysis, biomedical image processing, materials and geo-environmental applications.
      University/Research Institution in Germany: TU Dortmund, Universität des Saarlandes
      E-Mail: ebarneysmith(at)

  • Francois Corriveau

    • Professor – McGill University, Canada
      Research Interests: Particle physics
      University/Research Institution in Germany: DESY, Hamburg; MPI for Physics, Munich
      E-Mail: f.corriveau(at)

  • Gabi N. Waite

    • Photo of Gabi N. Waite.

      Associate Professor, Cellular and Integrative Physiology, Indiana University School of Medicine
      Research Interests: CTraumatic brain injury, hypoxia, oxidative stress, medical and health education
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Hohenheim, University of Heidelberg (sabbatical)
      E-Mail: gnindl(at)

  • George Heffernan

    • Photo of George Heffernan.

      Professor, Department of Philosophy – Merrimack College, Massachusetts
      Research Interests: Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Ethics (esp. Contemporary Moral Problems,e.g. environmental, medical, technological issues)
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: University of Cologne (PhD 1981, sabbatical research 1998); Freie Universitaet Berlin (sabbatical research 2003)
      E-Mail: heffernan(at)

  • Gerhard Multhaup

    • Photo of Gerhard Multhaup.

      Chair and Professor -Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine at McGill University
      Research Interests: Biomedical pharmacology; neurodegeneration and amyloid toxicity
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Freie Universitaet of Berlin (FUB) and the University of Heidelberg (ZMBH)
      E-Mail: gmulthaup(at)

  • Heidi Gottfried

    • Photo of Heidi Gottfried.

      Associate Professor, Department of Sociology – Wayne State University
      Research Interests: Work Transformation, social policy, gender and inequality
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Institute fuer Soziologie, University of Hamburg
      E-Mail: hgottfried(at)

  • Ingo Schlupp

    • Photo of Ingo Schlupp.

      Presidential Professor of Biology and Associate Dean for Research CAS, University of Oklahoma
      Research Interests: Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Potsdam, Brandenburg
      E-Mail: ischlupp(at)

  • Ivan Korendovych

    • Associate Professor, Chemistry – Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
      Research Interests: Biochemistry, biophysics, protein design and engineering
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Marburg; University of Greifswald

  • Joe Perry

    • Photo of Joe Perry.

      Associate Professor, Department of History – Georgia State University
      Research Interests: modern and contemporary German social and cultural history; celebration and the senses; the mass media and identity
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Technische Universität Berlin
      E-Mail: jbperry(at)

  • John F. Corrigan

    • Photo of John F. Corrigan.

      Professor of Chemistry and Director
      Centre for Advanced Materials and Biomaterials Research – The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
      Research Interests: Inorganic and Nanomaterials Chemistry
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
      E-Mail: corrigan(at)

  • John L. Plews

    • Photo of John L. Plews.

      Associate Professor of Modern Languages (German) – Saint Mary’s University
      Research Interests: Second Language Education, Study Abroad for Second Languages
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Canadian Summer School in Germany (Kassel); Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

  • Jonathan Fine

    • Visiting Assistant Professor of German Studies – Brown University
      Research Interests: German literature and intellectual history
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Potsdam; FU Berlin
      E-Mail: j.fine(at)

  • Jonathan Veinot

    • Photo of Jonathan Veinot.

      Professor, Department of Chemistry – University of Alberta
      Research Interests: Materials Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Hybrid Functional Materials
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Technische Universitaet Muenchen
      E-Mail: jveinot(at)

  • Julia Lalande

    • Manager, High Hazards Unit, Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, Government of Ontario
      Research Interests: Eastern European Migration to Canada
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Hamburg
      E-Mail: j.lalande(at)

  • Karsten Lunze

    • Photo of Karsten Lunze.

      Assistant Professor – School of Medicine, Boston University
      Research Interests: Maternal and newborn health, HIV prevention among key populations
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Charité Medical School, Berlin
      E-Mail: klunze(at)

  • Kristopher Imbrigotta

    • Photo of Kristopher Imbrigotta.

      Visiting Assistant Professor of German – University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
      Research Interests: 18th-20th century German literature and culture, Visual Culture studies, Theater and Performance, Historiography, Narratology
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Universität Hamburg; Akademie der Künste / Bertolt-Brecht-Archiv, Berlin
      E-Mail: kimbrigotta(at)

  • Manfred Philipp

    • Professor Emeritus – City University of New York
      Research Interests: Bioinformatics, Enzymology
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Universität Freiburg; Universität Ulm; Universität München
      E-Mail: m.philipp(at)

  • Markus Chmielus

    • Photo of Markus Chmielus.

      Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science – University of Pittsburgh
      Research Interests: Advanced Manufacturing of Bulk and Thin Film (Multifunctional) Metals
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Stuttgart/Technical University Berlin/Helmholtz Centre Berlin for Materials and Energy
      E-Mail: mchmielus(at)

  • Matthias Hofferberth

    • Assistant Professor, Political Science & Geography – University of Texas at San Antonio, TX, USA
      Research Interests: International relations and globalizationUniversity/Research Institution in Germany: Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main; Westfällische Wilhelms-Universität, Mϋnster

  • Pierre Mertiny

    • Photo of Pierre Mertiny.

      Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering – University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
      Research Interests: Polymer composite materials, composite pressure vessels and piping, nanocomposites, composite energy storage flywheel rotors
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Universität Hannover
      E-Mail: pmertiny(at)

  • Renu Singh

    • Ph.D. Candidate – Georgetown University
      Research Interests: Political science
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Hertie School of Governance, Berlin; Helmholtz Zentrum, Muenchen; LMU and MPI for Social Law and Social Policy, Muenchen
      E-Mail: r.singh(at)

  • Richard S. Ascough

    • Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science
      Professor, School of Religion– Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada
      Research Interests: Religious Studies – Origins of Christianity
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Mϋnster

  • Sebastian Luft

    • Photo of Sebastian Luft.

      Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy – Marquette University
      Research Interests: 19th and 20th century European philosophy, philosophy of culture.
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Universität Würzburg, Universität Freiburg i.Br. (Husserl-Archiv)
      E-Mail: sluft(at)

  • Simone Seym

    • Photo of Simone Seym.

      Goethe-Institut – Washington, D.C.
      Research Interests: German and European Cultural Studies, Sustainable Film and Performing Arts
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: University of Karlsruhe; University of Mannheim
      E-Mail: seym(at)

  • Swen Steinberg

    • Postdoctoral Researcher and Assistant Professor – Queen’s University
      Research Interests: History of knowledge/knowledge and migration/knowledge and young immigrants; environmental knowledge; refugees and borderlands; economic history and corporate cultures 19th/20th century
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Technische Universitaet Dresden
      E-Mail: s.steinberg(at)

  • Thian Yew Gan

    • Photo of Thian Yew Gan.

      Professor at the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering – University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
      Research Interests: Hydrologic processes and modeling, climatology, remote sensing, climate change, water resources management and planning, and snow hydrology.
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Technical University Munich, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
      E-Mail: tgan(at)

  • Thomas Baumgarte

    • William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Physics, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME, USA
      Research Interests: General Relativity
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München; MPI Astrophysik, Garching

  • Tricia Striano

    • Professor, Hunter College  &Tricia Striano Inc. |
      Research Interests: Infant development, neuroscience, design, real estate
      University/Research Institution in Germany: MPI-EVA, Leipzig; MPI-CBS, Leipzig; University of Leipzig, University Osnabrueck