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Studying in Germany offers a first-class education, which is why a degree from a German university gives students the perfect foundation for a successful career in their home countries and around the world. The “Studienbrücke Deutschland” (“Study Bridge Germany”) program makes it possible for students to be admitted to a German university after graduating from high school.


“Studienbrücke Deutschland” is a scholarship program that is designed to provide linguistic and subject-matter-specific preparation for studying in Germany to high school students who have outstanding achievements in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM subjects).

The program additionally introduces participants to Germany’s teaching, learning, and campus culture and familiarizes them with the German social environment.

Successful graduates of the university preparatory program can apply to one of the program’s partner universities after graduating from high school. Once they complete their university degrees in Germany, program participants will receive support as they continue their education or start their careers in their home countries.

The “Studienbrücke Deutschland” program consists of

  • Language courses up to the B2 /C1 level offered alongside school at the Goethe-Institut or directly at school
  • Summer courses in Germany
  • Subject-matter-specific preparation in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and economic sciences
  • Academic guidance counseling
  • Exams, including preparation
  • Intercultural training

The Study Bridge program has a modular design but follows a set learning progression.  A selection process will evaluate the students’ motivation and German language skills, and students will begin in the module that matches their language skills. The placement takes place at the time of application through the Goethe-Institut. See more information on the modular design here on and on the selection process here on

If a student qualifies for a full or partial scholarship, all or partial components of the program will be free of charge. Participants must also provide their own spending money for the summer courses in Germany.

If a student does not qualify for a full scholarship, the student
has to cover the program fees including:

  • German language courses and exams
  • Summer Courses in Germany
  • Intercultural training
  • Academic trainings and exams
  • Administration fee and materials

Scholarship recipients commit to participate in the aforementioned modules. If scholarship recipients violate the terms and conditions of participation without a valid excuse, they will be removed from the program. The Goethe-Institut does NOT cover any of the costs associated with applying for a visa or further studies in Germany.

High school students may apply to participate in the “Studienbrücke Deutschland” program if they meet the following requirements:

  • Highly motivated to study in Germany, demonstrated through a personal statement, participation in extracurricular activities (e.g. student Olympiads, competitions, as well as regional and international projects in STEM subjects)
  • Completed freshman year of high school
  • In the American school system for at least the past six years
  • Above-average academic achievements in STEM subjects
  • Proof of German language skills (A1 level of higher)
  • Written consent from the parents or legal guardians

Please see the Study Bridge website on for further information on the application process, including all relevant forms, details, deadlines, and any frequently asked questions.

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