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In our increasingly complex global environment, international study offers life-long benefits of improving communication between people and deepening cultural awareness. Strong individual connections contribute to world peace and stability.

The DAAD Alumni Association USA is a nonprofit organization that fosters such relationships. Since 1998 we have been building a strong network of enthusiastic members across the United States. DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst – or German Academic Exchange Service) is one the largest global exchange programs. The DAAD Alumni  Association USA represents the large Alumni base of US DAAD scholars and grantees – and helps alumni keep the valuable connections they formed – or would like to form.

The mission of the DAAD Alumni Association USA is to strengthen transatlantic ties between DAAD Germany and DAAD alumni, both in the United States and abroad.  We strive to share and expand knowledge of German culture among DAAD alumni and American students and institutions. To achieve these goals and support future students who share our interests, the DAAD Alumni Association USA awards scholarships that enable students at US universities to study and/or conduct research in Germany.

Through newsletters, social media posts, educational workshops, member meetings, conference participation, and joint programs with German-oriented organizations, the DAAD Alumni Association USA  seeks to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Germany.


Throughout the year, the DAAD Alumni Association USA hosts cultural events, webinars, and activities in New York City and in regional DAAD-Alumni Chapter hubs. Our program includes issues related to politics, culture, STEM, inclusion and social justice, circular economy and sustainable industry innovation, medicine and biotechnology, and the bi-lateral start-up culture.



The DAAD NY office and the DAAD Alumni Association USA co-host the annual Sound Understanding Concert in April.  It provides current DAAD music scholars a high-profile opportunity to play at Carnegie Hall in New York with support from DAAD Alumni and Friends USA.

Other events such as panels, concerts, and social gatherings are organized by local members throughout the USA.  We also host online events in order to make our programs and activities available to a broader audience.  Members receive information through social media posts and e-mail. Please consider joining us and follow us on LinkedIn to receive further information about how you can become involved.

We appreciate your support, please donate here.  

Awards for Excellence in International Exchange

The DAAD Alumni Association USA Award for Excellence in International Exchange is one of the significant contributions of our organization. Our members can nominate a highly deserving candidate. A jury votes for one senior and one early career mentorship award:

  • “The DAAD Alumni Association USA Award for Excellence in International Exchange” (senior career level award)
  • “ The DAAD Alumni Association USA Award for Excellence in International Exchange” (mid- career mentorship award)

The DAAD Alumni Association USA accepts nominations for these prizes at nominations@DAAD-Alumni-USA.org. Check our social media for upcoming fall deadlines – or submit early.

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Scholarships: RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering)  | University Summer Courses

Every year,  the DAAD Alumni Association USA contributes funding for additional academic summer scholarships enabling outstanding  US applicants to attend the  programs:

  • RISE Germany
  • University Summer Course Grant (Languages or the Arts)
  • Hubertus Scheibe Memorial Fund

We appreciate your support in providing scholarships for undergraduate students to participate in summer study programs at German universities.

Our RISE (Research in Science and Engineering) grantees are assisting in doctoral research of sustainable technology and science solutions.

Grantees in the arts participate in the lively field of visual or performing arts.

The language grant serves a deepening of German and German culture – very often for later further studies.

Our students return enthusiastic from a cross-cultural and academic experience in Germany, starting lasting relationships in their field. One generation of alumni fosters opportunities for the next.

Our goal is to support at least 10 students each year. Their stories will be featured in our LinkedIn network and in our newsletter.      

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The Hubertus Scheibe Fund supports initiatives and researches fostering the collaboration  between the sciences, the industries and foreign policies in honor of Dr. Hubertus Scheibe.

Dr. Hubertus Scheibe (Secretary General of DAAD from 1955 to 1979) launched together with leading figures from the sciences, the industry and diplomacy, the “Vereinigung der Freunde und Förderer des DAAD e.V.” (Association of Friends and Sponsors of the DAAD) on October 24, 1981. Today, the DAAD Alumni Association USA recognizes once again the need for a transatlantic and trans-disciplinary exchange – following Dr. Scheibe’s vision.


Growing and sustaining a network is a critical goal of the DAAD Alumni Association USA. Please join us as a member, friend, or sponsor.  Alumni and friends  are invited to  contribute and to benefit from the DAAD programs that we support.

All members will have access to the  DAAD Alumni Association USA LinkedIn network, which supports communication, collaboration, and professional networking. You will also have access to our newsletter, special events, and webinars, including discussions with leading politicians, academics, and industry representatives.

Any DAAD alumna, alumnus, or friend who would like to support  the mission of the DAAD Alumni Association USA (a private non-profit organization in the USA) may become a member. The following Suggested member donor levels are:

Recent DAAD Stipend Recipient Free membership during the first year
Student | Retired | Senior $25 / year
Regular $75 / year
Patron $500 / year
Gold Patron $1,000 / year
Platinum Patron $5,000 / year


Institutions and corporations that would like to support  the mission of the DAAD Alumni Association USA may become members and donors. Suggested donor levels are:

Institutional Member / Donor (discounts available for HBCU and MSI institutions as well as community colleges) $1,000 / year
Corporate Member / Donor $3,000 / year

Join the DAAD Alumni using this membership form or clicking here.

DAAD Alumni Association USA member / donor benefits include:

Student, Retired, Senior and Regular Members: Newsletter, LinkedIn access for networking, updates on special events, free admission to the Sound Understanding Concert

Patron: Same as Regular + VIP invitation, free admission, and special seating at Sound Understanding Concert and name listed in concert program; recognition on website

Gold Patron, Platinum Patron, Institutional and Corporate: Same as Patron + Opportunity to publish personal story / activities, personal annual briefing and update on DAAD AA USA activities by President / Vice-President



The DAAD Alumni Association USA offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities for individuals, institutions and corporations:

Named Scholarships (RISE + Summer Study) $3,000 per scholarship / year
Award for Excellence in International Exchange $5,000 / year
Named Event Support $5,000 / event


  1. Named Scholarships (RISE + Summer Study) $ 3,000 | per 1 scholarship & year
  2. Award for Excellence in International Exchange $ 5,000 | year
  3. Named Event Support $ 5,000 | event

Sponsorship Benefits:

Scholarship Sponsorship: Same as Institutional and Corporate; Formal Recognition at Special Events

Award for Excellence in International Exchange: Same as Institutional and Corporate; Formal Recognition at Special Events

Named Event Support; Formal Recognition at Special Events

For questions regarding donations or sponsorships please contact: giving@Daad-Alumni-USA.org. For event proposals contact infoinfo@Daad-Alumni-USA.org.

Every year the DAAD Alumni Association (DAADAA) supports a number of events and initiatives to support transatlantic exchange. The annual Sound Understanding Concert is one of the DAADAA’s most high-profile efforts, but it is by no means the only one. Through newsletters, member meetings, and joint events with other German alumni organizations, the DAADAA seeks to further strengthen the relationship between the US and Germany.

If you are donating on the occasion of the Sound Understanding concert, donations of $100 or more will be acknowledged in the concert program.

Support the DAADAA’s general operations and events:

The DAADAA is very grateful for contributions from alumni and other generous supporters that go toward defraying the costs of general operations, including events like the above concert. Click on the button below to support the DAADAA’s events & operations using PayPal.

Contribute to the Hubertus Scheibe Memorial Scholarship Fund:

As of  mid-2016, the Hubertus Scheibe Memorial Scholarship Fund amounted to  approximately $95,000. The goal of the DAAD Alumni Association (DAADAA) is to bring the Scheibe fund up to a level where the interest will sustain a certain number of annual scholarships enabling students at American universities to study in Germany.

Traditionally, the Alumni Association funds eight to ten scholarships each summer. The Association has also just begun to receive matching grants from certain companies and hopes to expand this in 2016. In broad terms, the annual budget for scholarships in Germany runs just under $25,000 per year.

The DAADAA works hard to keep the administrative costs low; all board members are volunteers. The Alumni Association would gratefully welcome any donation of any size to the Scheibe Memorial Fund. Feel free to use the PayPal buttons below to make a donation.

Donations can also be made by check in support of either the DAADAA’s general events and operations or in support of the scholarship fund. Please make your check payable to “DAAD Alumni Association of the US” and send it to the address below.

Board members can be active in any profession and need not be previous DAAD scholarship recipients. They serve for a period of three years and may be re-elected for a second  term. The DAAD Alumni Association USA is looking for a diversity of backgrounds, interests, and geographic locations, as well as intergenerational members. To nominate yourself or someone else, please contact info@Daad-Alumni-USA.org.


Dr. Barbara Berthold

Dr. Manfred Philipp

Dr. Nicholas Boston

Dr. Mark W. Rectanus

Brian Boyer, CFA (Co-Treasurer)

Dr. Ingeborg Rocker

Dr. Ingo Brachmann (Co-Treasurer)

Dr. Susanne Rott

Dr. Helena Kane Finn (President)

Prof. Mechthild Schmidt Feist (Vice President)

Dr. Anne MacLachlan

Uli Wagner

Dr. Christopher Medalis

Dr. Rick White

Dr. Rosmarie Morewedge

Rebecca Williams

Dr. Jonathan Olsen

Liaison DAAD::

Amra Dumisic

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