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If you are considering studying in Germany--whether for a semester abroad or a degree program--you've come to the right place. Both our office in New York and our headquarters in Bonn want to help make your journey accross the Atlantic as easy as possible! We're always happy to hear from you or answer questions, so please feel free to write at
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The DAAD Young Ambassadors are undergraduate students from North America who have recently studied in Germany and are ready to answer all your questions about study, research and life in Germany.
DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship holder Jason Ernst blogs about his 2008/2009 academic year in Freiburg.
Grants for Undergrads

Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation outlining all of DAAD's funding opportunities for undergraduates.

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Undergraduate Scholarships
Scholarships for 4 to 10 months of study, thesis research or an internship for students in any academic field.

Study Scholarship
This scholarship for study in Germany is open to students about to complete their undergraduate studies.

RISE - Research Internships in Science and Engineering
Summertime internships with German doctoral students at universities and research institutions--no German required!

RISE professional
Students about to complete their bachelor's or wndergrads who are DAAD alumni can apply for these summer internships with German companies.

University Summer Course Grant
Summer courses at German universities to help build your language skills while studying anything from film to politics to engineering.

German Studies Research Grant
Funding for research in Germany or North America in all areas of contemporary German Studies.

Summer program in Berlin for American journalism and communications students with advanced-intermediate German.

EMGIP - Bundestag Internship
Two months at the German parliament for students who are fluent in German.

Study & Internship Program (SIP) in Germany
A semester of study at one of the UAS7 universities in Germany followed by a one-semester professional internship at a company or research institute in Germany. A joint program of German Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS7) and DAAD.