DAAD Grant & Scholarship Online Applications
IMPORTANT! Read these instructions before you begin the online applicaton.

  • The online application form must be completed in one sitting. You will not be able to save your online application to complete it at a later time, and if there is no activity on your application for one hour your data will automatically be deleted. The application finally considered by DAAD is the one you print out and send in by mail. If you complete the online application more than once, versions without a corresponding print copy will be discounted.

  • Print out and sign the PDF file that appears after you have completed the online form.

  • Take note of your application number that appears near the top of the first page of your completed application. In all subsequent correspondence regarding your application, please give your full name, the name of the program to which you have applied and this application number.

  • Make the requisite number of photocopies of your signed application form and supplemental documents (except the recommendation letters, which can be submitted as one original, sealed copy). See your program's webpage for the number of photocopies required.

  • Please DO NOT STAPLE any of your materials. Elaborate binding and folders are also unnecessary and only hinder the processing of your application. You may use paper clips or removable binder clips to keep your documents organized.

  • Send everything together in one package to the DAAD New York office. Completion of the online application form does not constitute a complete application.

  • Your paper application must be postmarked no later than the application deadline.

Undergraduate Scholarship
Study Scholarship
Take the following steps to apply to these DAAD scholarship programs:
Research Grant for Doctoral Candidates & Young Academics & Scientists

This includes the following steps:

  1. Select for Doctoral Candidates and Young Academics and Scientist via the search engine
  2. Register as a user
  3. Download and fill in the application form electronically
  4. Upload all required documents (the portal will guide you as to what they are)
  5. Print out three copies of your application once the system has sent it to you
  6. Submit all three copies including the recommendation letters in a sealed envelope

You will find detailed information and guidance on these steps in the online manual.

Your application is only complete when we have received both your electronic application and the paper version.

Submit a total of THREE sets (1 original, 2 photocopies) of all the above application materials. Please don’t forget to include the letters of recommendation in a sealed envelope that were not uploaded into your application package.

Mail your application to:

             DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
             Research Grant
             871 United Nations Plaza
             New York, NY 10017

Ready for your application? Then please click HERE.


University Summer Course & Intensive Language Course Grants
1) Some parts of the application are not self-explanatory. Print out the Online Application Guidelines.
2) Print out the Language Evaluation Certificate (Sprachzeugnis), and include it with your application packet.
3) Complete the online application for the
University Summer Course Grant
or the
Intensive Language Course Grant in one sitting.

Study & Internship Program (SIP) in Germany
1) Some parts of the application are not self-explanatory. Print out the SIP Online Application Guidelines.
2) Print out the Language Evaluation Certificate (Sprachzeugnis), and include it with your application packet.
3) Complete the SIP online application in one sitting.

Leo Baeck Institute - DAAD Fellowship
1) Follow the Research Grant instructions.
2) Read the Online Manual before you start.
3) Complete the online application form
4) Please note: Application packets for this program should be sent directly to the Leo Baeck Institute:
    Leo Baeck Institute
    15 West 16th Street
    New York, NY 10011

After you have submitted your application
  • Confirmation of receipt: Within six to eight weeks after the application deadline, you will receive an email to confirm the receipt of your complete application. If you have not received a confirmation by then, you may contact us to inquire. If we are unable to confirm receipt, at the discretion of the Program Officer we will ask you to resend. You may submit your application in advance of the deadline date, but it will not be processed until after the deadline to assure fairness to all applicants of that scholarship program.

  • Corrections or additions: If you need to correct your completed application form, you feel the choices offered or the space available was not sufficient for your answer, or you wish to submit additional information to any of the sections of the form, we will accept hand-written (typed/word processed) addenda. Please include your full name, the scholarship program name, and application number on each page and make the same number of copies of your addenda as are required for your application form.

  • Delayed submission of supplemental materials: If you expect a delay in receiving supplemental materials that require the cooperation of another party (letters of reference, transcripts, etc.), submit your application on time with a cover letter letting us know which documents are pending so that you account for all parts of your application. Application packages for which all parts have not been accounted will not be considered. Supplemental materials must be received within one week after the deadline date.

DAAD grant and scholarship programs are competitive and awards are based on academic merit. We do not discriminate with regard to race, gender, etc and encourage minority populations to apply to our programs.