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  • Aftab Ahmed

    • Photo of Aftab Ahmed.

      Research Associate Professor, Chapman University School of Pharmacy – Irvine, California
      Research Interests: Protein purification and characterization (Proteomics)
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried
      E-Mail: aahmed(at)

  • Alanna Tierno

    • Alanna Tierno
      International Programs Coordinator/Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music History – Shenandoah University

      Research Interests: Musicology

      University/Research Institution in Germany: Universität Augsburg; Herzog August Bibliothek

      E-Mail: alanna.tierno (at)

  • Albrecht Classen

    • Photo of Albrecht Classen.

      University Distinguished Professor of German Studies, The University of Arizona, Tucson
      Research Interests: medieval and early modern German and European literature, cultural history, history of mentality, everyday culture, interdisciplinary research, gender studies, and comparative literature
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Universities in Freiburg, Marburg, Frankfurt a. M., Leipzig, Halle, Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel
      E-Mail: aclassen(at)

  • Albuquerque, NM

    • Photo of Angela Wandinger-Ness.

      Research Ambassador – University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
      Angela Wandinger-Ness
      Professor, Department of Pathology

  • Alexander Lerch

    • Photo of Alexander Lerch.

      Assistant Professor, Center for Music Technology – Georgia Institute of Technology
      Research Interests: Music Information Retrieval & Music Technology
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Technische Universitaet Berlin
      E-Mail: alexander.lerch(at)

  • Alina Dana Weber

    • Photo of Alina Dana Weber.

      Assistant Professor of German, Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics – The Florida State University
      Research Interests: Cultural transfers, cultural representation in German literature, theatre, and film; German Romanticism and Realism; folklore in performance, literature, and film
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin
      E-Mail: aweber(at)

  • Ames, IA

    • Photo of Peter Martin.

      Research Ambassador – Iowa State University
      Peter Martin
      Director, Gerontology Program

  • Ann Arbor, MI

    • Photo of Ann Lemke.

      Research Ambassador – University Of Michigan
      Ann Lemke
      Oboe Instructor – Cranbrook Schools, Bloomfield Hills, MI; Visiting Scholar – Germanic Languages & Literatures

  • Ann Lemke

    • Photo of Ann Lemke.

      Oboe Instructor – Cranbrook Schools, Bloomfield Hills, MI; Visiting Scholar – Germanic Languages & Literatures, The University of Michigan
      Research Interests: German women writers and composers, the interrelationship of music and literature, Goethe songs, music for young children
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Karl-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
      E-Mail: mail(at)lemkestudio[dot]com

  • Antigonish, NS

    • Photo of Daniel Guhl.

      Young Ambassador – St. Francis Xavier University
      Daniel Guhl
      Business / Information Systems

  • Appleton, WI

  • Arcata, CA

    • Photo of Benjamin Marschke.

      Research Ambassador – Humboldt State University
      Benjamin Marschke
      Associate Professor of History

  • Arizona State University - Cameron Morgan

    • Cameron Morgan
      Home University: Arizona State University
      Major: Environmental Engineering
      Program/University in Germany: DAAD RISE (Freiberg)
      E-Mail: morgan.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hi! My name is Cameron and I’m entering my third year at Arizona State University. I am pursuing a BSE in Environmental Engineering with the plan of attending graduate school to obtain a PhD related to air quality engineering. Research is one of my biggest passions and I was ecstatic when awarded the DAAD RISE scholarship. Not only did I get to do innovative research in my field of interest, I also got to travel internationally to Germany. I conducted my internship in Freiberg, which is a small town in east Germany. However, I was able to travel to many more cities such as Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, and Munich. One of my favorite things about Germany is the greenery. Even in the larger cities it’s not hard to find parks, open fields, or large amounts of trees which add so much beauty to the country overall. I came into the internship only knowing the basics of German, but have definitely expanded my vocabulary and conversational skills. Along with the culture of Germany, the research I did has been incredibly rewarding. I have learned so many new skills in areas like catalyst development, running lab experiments myself and understanding their processes, and analyzing my results to figure out next steps. My mentor was incredibly helpful in guiding me along the way. I also met other RISE interns in Freiberg and formed some great connections. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and can’t wait to learn and explore more. I definitely recommend this program to everyone and am excited to be its ambassador at my home university so that more students can have these fantastic experiences.

  • Athens, GA

    • Photo of Aaron Krask.

      Young Ambassador – The University of Georgia
      Aaron Krask
      Germanic and Slavic Languages & International Affairs

  • Atlanta, GA

    • Photo of Alexander Lerch.

      Research Ambassador – Georgia Institute of Technology
      Alexander Lerch
      Assistant Professor, Center for Music Technology

    • Photo of Joe Perry.

      Research Ambassador – Georgia State University
      Joe Perry
      Associate Professor, Department of History

  • Auburn, AL

    • Photo of Haroldo Toro.

      Research Ambassador – Auburn University
      Haroldo Toro
      Full Professor

  • Austin, TX

  • Babak Vajdi Hokmabad

    • Babak Vajdi Hokmabad
      Postdoctoral Research Associate – Princeton University

      Research Interests: Active Matter, Soft Matter    

      University/Research Institution in Germany: Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen

      E-Mail: hokmabad (at)

  • Baltimore, MD

    • DAAD Professor – Johns Hopkins University
      Dr. Hanno Balz
      Department of History

  • Bellingham, WA

    • Photo of Alexa Harrington.

      Young Ambassador – Western Washington University
      Alexa Harrington
      Environmental & Energy Policy

  • Berkeley, CA

  • Bethesda, MA

  • Binghamton University - Alexander Russell

    • Alexander Russell
      Home University: Binghamton University
      Major: German Studies; Political Science
      Program/University in Germany: Universität Leipzig
      E-Mail: russell.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hallo! My name is Alex Russell and I’m entering my fourth year at Binghamton University. I’m double majoring in German Studies and Political Science and minoring in Global Studies. I started learning German in middle school and took it throughout high school and ultimately decided to declare a major in it. In my senior year of high school, I took part in a DAAD high school exchange program that lasted about two weeks, where I hosted a student from Germany in the fall and then went and stayed with them the following spring. This exchange caused me to truly fall in love with the German culture and I decided that I wanted to study abroad there and learn more about the nation, language, and culture. Binghamton University has an exchange program with Universität Leipzig, where I applied to study political science (in German) for an academic year, although this was cut short by the pandemic. I truly enjoyed my time in Leipzig, as I was able to live a university student’s lifestyle and further enhance my German skills by studying in the language. I was able to interact with other students and locals around the city, which allowed me to get a better understanding of the East/West divide that still exists. I met many Erasmus students and made some great long-lasting friendships with people from all over the world. I was also able to travel and explore some beautiful and historic cities (and of course eat some great food!). Being able to study in all German in a university city like Leipzig allowed me to immerse myself in the language and culture and gain a much better understanding of Germany, which will help me in my future endeavors of studying international relations. My experience helped me to grow personally and professionally, and I would love to help other students explore opportunities, as I believe Germany is a great place to study.

  • Bloomington, IN

    • Photo of Elizabeth Harrington Lambert.

      Research Ambassador – Indiana University
      Elizabeth Harrington Lambert
      Doctoral Candidate, Department of History

  • Boca Raton, FL

    • Photo of Taylor Hagood.

      Research Ambassador – Florida Atlantic University
      Taylor Hagood
      Associate Professor

  • Boerge Hemmerling

    • Assistant Professor of Physics – University of California, Riverside
      Research Interests: Atomic, molecular and optical physics
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Leibniz University of Hannover; Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig; University of Heidelberg
      E-Mail: boergeh(at)

  • Boise, ID

    • Photo of Elisa H Barney Smith.

      Research Ambassador – Boise State University
      Elisa H Barney Smith
      Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Email:

  • Boston, MA

  • Brian S. Mitchell

    • Photo of Brian S. Mitchell.

      Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering – Tulane University
      Research Interests: Nanostructured Materials Processing
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Bergakademie Freiberg/BAM; DLR; Max Planck Inst. F. Kolloids
      E-Mail: brian(at)

  • Brian Van Wyck

    • Brian Van Wyck
      Assistant Professor – University of Maryland, Baltimore County

      Research Interests:  German History; Turkish History; Migration History

      University/Research Institution in Germany: Humboldt University, Berlin; Free University, Berlin

      E-Mail: bvanwyck (at)

  • Brock University - Madison Redding

    • Madison Redding
      Home University: Brock University
      Major: Applied Linguistics/TESL
      Program/University in Germany: Canadian Summer School in Germany (Universität Kassel)
      E-Mail: redding.daady [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hallo! My name is Madison Redding and I am going into my third year at Brock University, majoring in Applied Linguistics/TESL and minoring in German. Prior to starting at Brock, I had little to no understanding of German, but after completing roughly half of my minor and partaking in the CSSG program in Kassel, Germany, I feel I have a much better understanding of and grasp on the language and culture. I decided to study for a summer in Kassel because I would be spending the majority of my time in a smaller city (albeit being larger than both St. Catharines, where Brock University is located, and my hometown of Belleville, Ontario), while still getting the chance to visit larger and more well-known cities and landmarks, such as Berlin. I was in the classroom for roughly three hours a day, and when not in class or working on homework, my friends and I were out and about Kassel, taking part in everyday parts of German culture, from hanging out at the Biergarten or Orangerie to eating at what we deemed the best döner place in Kassel. Even when we were doing things familiar to us from Canada, such as shopping along the malls and strips in Königsplatz, we were partaking in everyday German life as we conversed and functioned in German. As a group, we took excursions to Berlin and Trier (and a day trip to Luxembourg) for a few days, and saw great and famous German landmarks, such as Brandenburger Tor and Porta Nigra. When I’m done with school, I would like to go into second-language teaching, specifically teaching English. Preferably, I would like to teach somewhere in Europe, and my time in Germany has not only helped confirm that that is truly something I want to do and go into, but that I truly enjoy living and partaking in German culture and that I can truly see myself living and working there in the future.

  • Bronx, NY

    • Photo of Lydia Tesfa.

      Research Ambassador – Albert Einstein College of Medicine
      Lydia Tesfa
      Research Assistant Professor

  • Buffalo, NY

    • Photo of Wolfgang Wölck.

      Research Ambassador – State University of New York, Buffalo
      Wolfgang Wölck
      Emeritus Distinguished Service Professor, Fellow of the Center for Cognitive Science

  • Burnaby, BC

    • Photo of David Mirhady.

      Research Ambassador – Simon Fraser University
      David Mirhady
      Professor and Chair, Humanities Department

    • Photo of Laura Bauer.

      Young Ambassador – Simon Fraser University
      Laura Bauer
      Psychology & Criminology

  • Calgary, AB

    • DAAD Professor – University of Calgary
      Dr. Stefan Höppner
      Department of Germanic, Slavic and East Asian Studies

    • Photo of Bernhard Mayer.

      Research Ambassador – University of Calgary
      Bernhard Mayer
      Professor, Department of Geoscience

  • Cambridge, MA

    • Center for German and European studies – Harvard University
      Prof. Grzegorz Ekiert, Director
      Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies

    • Photo of Steven Ehlert.

      Research Ambassador – MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
      Steven Ehlert
      Postdoctoral Associate Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics & Cosmology

  • Carla Damiano

    • Carla Damiano
      Professor of German – Eastern Michigan University

      Research Interests: German Literature – 20th century to present

      University Research Institution in Germany: Walter Kempowski Archiv, Berlin; University of Bielefeld

      E-Mail: cdamiano (at)

  • Carol Anne Costabile-Heming

    • Photo of Carol Anne Costabile-Heming.

      Professor of German – University of North Texas, Denton
      Research Interests: German literature and culture, German film, memory studies
      Universities/Research Institutes in Germany: Zentrum für zeithistorische Forschung, Potsdam, Humboldt Universität, Berlin; Deutsches Literaturarchiv, Marbach
      E-Mail: carolanne.costabile-heming(at)

  • Catharines, ON

  • Celina, OH

    • Photo of Dane T. Daniel.

      Research Ambassador – Wright State University-Lake Campus
      Dane T. Daniel
      Associate Professor, History

  • Chalk River, ON

    • Photo of Mokhles Rahman.

      Research Ambassador – Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
      Mokhles Rahman
      Senior Hydrogeologist

  • Champaign, IL

  • Chapel Hill, NC

    • DAAD Professor – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
      Dr. Tobias Hof
      Department of History

  • Charlotte Schallie

    • Charlotte Schallie
      Professor of Germanic Studies and Chair – University of Victoria

      Research Interests: Post-1945 diasporic and transcultural writing/filmmaking, memory studies, Jewish identity in contemporary cultural discourse; Holocaust studies; genocide and human rights education; arts-based action research

      University/Research Institution in Germany:  Zentrum fuer Antisemitismusforschung (TU Berlin); Stadtmuseum Erlangen

      E-Mail: schallie (at)

  • Christa Spreizer

    • Associate Professor – Queens College/CUNY
      Research Interests: German studies
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin; Landesarchiv Berlin; Akademie der Künste, Berlin
      E-Mail: christine.spreizer(at)

  • Christoph Schaal

    • Assistant Professor – California State University, Northridge
      Research Interests: Ultrasonics and applied mechanics
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Stuttgart
      E-Mail: christoph.schaal(at)

  • Cincinnati, OH

    • DAAD Professor – University of Cincinnati
      Dr. Tanja Nusser
      BMW Center for German and European Studies

  • Claremont, CA

  • Cleveland, OH

    • Photo of Manfred Franke.

      Research Ambassador – Case Western Reserve University
      Manfred Franke
      Sr. Research Scientist in Neural Engineering Email:

  • Cold Spring Harbor, NY

    • Photo of Michael R. Hübner.

      Research Ambassador – Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
      Michael R. Hübner
      Postdoctoral fellow

  • College Station, TX

    • Photo of Akhilesh K. Gaharwar.

      Research Ambassador – Texas A&M Department of Biomedical Engineering
      Akhilesh K. Gaharwar
      Assistant Professor Department of Biomedical Engineering

    • Photo of Hoi-eun Kim.

      Research Ambassador – Texas A&M University
      Hoi-eun Kim
      Assistant Professor, Department of History

    • Photo of Adam R. Seipp.

      Research Ambassador – Texas A&M University
      Adam R. Seipp
      Assistant Professor, Department of History

  • Columbia, SC

  • Concordia University - Cédric Alston

    • Cédric Alston
      Home University: Concordia University
      Major: International Business
      Program/University in Germany: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
      E-Mail: alston.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hi, I’m Cédric, an undergraduate studying international business at Montréal’s John Molson School of Business. In the Fall of 2020, despite a recent global shut down due to COVID-19, I had the chance to take off and experience Frankfurt, the heart of Europe’s finances, for a few months. After many weeks of uncertainty and indecision, I’m so happy I decided to go abroad. As soon as I arrived, I instantly bonded with the city and the other exchange students at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

      The main take-aways for me in Frankfurt were the ease of adapting, the warm welcome and the support system my host institution had in place to ensure my experience was unforgettable. From talking with the ERASMUS community of students from different institutions, all schools provide help for their international visitors. Not knowing German posed no problem to me; Frankfurt is an important European hub where most things happen in English as well as in German making it extremely easy to do anything. The city is safe, welcoming and full of students willing to meet up and enjoy their short stay.

      Some of the memorable moments are my orientation day, the multiple late summer night outings with my new friends within the first few, the day trips I did around the area and the short vacation I was able to take in nearby Spain.

      I’m happy to share my experience and I welcome any questions about my stay in Germany.

  • Dalhousie University - Ruiqi Li

    • Ruiqi Li
      Home University: Dalhousie University
      Major: Computer Science
      Program/University in Germany: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
      E-Mail: li.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hi! My name is Ruiqi Li, a final-year student in the Bachelor of Computer Science Co-operative program at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. I am originally from China. During elementary school, I was interested and passionate to study the modern history of Germany and its global relationship. Even though German history is not a part of my undergraduate study, I’m eagle to combine my interest with my professional goal. Having visited Ludwig-Maximilian Universität (LMU) in Munich as a research intern made my dream come true with the support of DAAD and Mitacs.

      During workdays, I had a great chance to learn and collaborate with other Ph.D. students and researchers on the novel virtual reality (VR) application research. During weekends, I conducted my own field study of German culture & history by travelling and talking with locals. I travelled to many cities in Germany: Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Cologne, Frankfurt, Bonn, Stuttgart, Leipzig, etc. But the geographic border isn’t the cultural border. I also went to other regions of German cultural influence in neighboring countries. I enjoyed being able to see the real cultural relics and exchange opinions with locals on their own history. All of them won’t show in any history books. Combinations of internship experience in Europe with my prior living and study experience in Asia, and North America, helped me grow up as an outward-looking and internationally-minded world citizen.

      As a Young Ambassador, I look forward to sharing my own experience and supporting students to gain this experience.

  • Dallas, TX

    • Photo of Jason Chang. DAAD/Beowulf Sheehan

      Young Ambassador – University of Texas at Dallas
      Jason Chang
      Biomedical Engineering

  • David J. Westenberg

    • Photo of David J. Westenberg.

      Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemical and Biochemical Engineering – Missouri University of Science and Technology
      Research Interests: Plant-microbe interactions, antibacterial materials and science education
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Institute for Microbiology, Göttingen, Department of Cell Biology and Applied Botany, Marburg
      E-Mail: djwesten(at)mst.ed

  • DeKalb, IL

    • Photo of Naduparambil Korah Jacob.

      Research Ambassador – Northern Illinois University
      Naduparambil Korah Jacob
      Assistant Professor, School of Art

  • Denton, TX

    • Photo of M. Harvey Brenner.

      Research Ambassador – University of North Texas
      M. Harvey Brenner
      Professor – SPH Behavioral & Community Health Email:

    • Photo of Carol Anne Costabile-Heming.

      Research Ambassador – University of North Texas
      Carol Anne Costabile-Heming
      Professor of German

    • Photo of Lisa Fellows.

      Young Ambassador – University of North Texas
      Lisa Fellows
      German Studies & International Relations

  • Detroit, MI

    • Photo of Heidi Gottfried.

      Research Ambassador – Wayne State University
      Heidi Gottfried
      Associate Professor, Department of Sociology Email:

  • Druid Hills, GA

    • DAAD Professor – Emory University
      Dr. Cornelia Wilhelm
      Department of History/Jewish Studies

  • Durham, NC

  • Edmonton, AB

    • DAAD Professor – University of Alberta
      Dr. Andreas Stuhlmann
      Department of Modern Languages & Cultural Studies

    • GAIN Advisor – The University of Utah
      Dr. Stefan Scherer
      Special Advisor to the Vice-President (Research)


    • Photo of Thian Yew Gan.

      Research Ambassador – University of Alberta
      Thian Yew Gan
      Professor at the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    • Photo of Pierre Mertiny.

      Research Ambassador – University of Alberta
      Pierre Mertiny
      Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering Email:

    • Photo of Jack Tuszynski.

      Research Ambassador – University of Alberta
      Jack Tuszynski
      Allard Research Professor

    • Photo of Jonathan Veinot.

      Research Ambassador – University of Alberta
      Jonathan Veinot

  • Elisa H. Barney Smith

    • Photo of Elisa H Barney Smith.

      Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department– Boise State University, Boise, Idaho
      Research Interests: Image Processing and Pattern recognition, with document analysis, biomedical image processing, materials and geo-environmental applications.
      University/Research Institution in Germany: TU Dortmund, Universität des Saarlandes
      E-Mail: ebarneysmith(at)

  • Eugene, OR

    • Photo of Zhuo Jing-Schmidt.

      Research Ambassador – University of Oregon
      Zhuo Jing-Schmidt
      Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics

    • Photo of John Nicols.

      Research Ambassador – University of Oregon
      John Nicols
      Professor Emeritus of History and of Classics

  • Evanston, IL

  • Fairbanks, AK

    • Photo of Falk Huettmann.

      Research Ambassador – University of Alaska Fairbanks
      Falk Huettmann
      Associate Professor, Inst. of Arctic Biology, Biology & Wildlife Dept. Email:

  • Fairfax, VA

    • Photo of Dale Medearis.

      Research Ambassador – Northern Virginia Regional Commission
      Dale Medearis
      Senior Environmental Planner

  • Francois Corriveau

    • Professor – McGill University, Canada
      Research Interests: Particle physics
      University/Research Institution in Germany: DESY, Hamburg; MPI for Physics, Munich
      E-Mail: f.corriveau(at)

  • Fredericton, NB

    • Photo of Gül Çalışkan.

      Research Ambassador – St. Thomas University
      Gul Caliskan
      Assistant Professor Sociology

    • Photo of Anette Guse.

      Research Ambassador – University of New Brunswick
      Anette Guse
      Associate Professor Culture and Language Studies

    • Photo of Gerhard W. Dueck.

      Research Ambassador – University of New Brunswick
      Gerhard W. Dueck
      Faculty of Computer Science

    • Photo of Alysha-Rae Weekes.

      Young Ambassador – University of New Brunswick – Fredericton
      Alysha-Rae Weekes
      Business Administration

  • Gabi N. Waite

    • Photo of Gabi N. Waite.

      Associate Professor, Cellular and Integrative Physiology, Indiana University School of Medicine
      Research Interests: CTraumatic brain injury, hypoxia, oxidative stress, medical and health education
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Hohenheim, University of Heidelberg (sabbatical)
      E-Mail: gnindl(at)

  • Gainesville, FL

    • DAAD Professor – University of Florida
      Dr. Michael Schüring
      Department of History

  • Galesburg, IL

    • Photo of Gizem Arslan.

      Research Ambassador – Knox College
      Gizem Arslan
      Visiting Assistant Professor of German

  • Geneseo, NY

  • George Heffernan

    • Photo of George Heffernan.

      Professor, Department of Philosophy – Merrimack College, Massachusetts
      Research Interests: Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Ethics (esp. Contemporary Moral Problems,e.g. environmental, medical, technological issues)
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: University of Cologne (PhD 1981, sabbatical research 1998); Freie Universitaet Berlin (sabbatical research 2003)
      E-Mail: George.Heffernan(at)

  • Gerhard Multhaup

    • Photo of Gerhard Multhaup.

      Professor and Canada Research Chair (CRC) – Tier 1
      Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
      McGill University
      Research Interests: Biomedical pharmacology; neurodegeneration and amyloid toxicity
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Freie Universitaet of Berlin (FUB) and the University of Heidelberg (ZMBH)
      E-Mail: gerhard.multhaup(at)

  • Golden, CO

    • Photo of Dr. Jürgen F. Brune.

      Research Ambassador – Colorado School of Mines
      Dr. Jürgen F. Brune
      Research Professor – Mining Engineering, College of Earth Resource Sciences and Engineering

  • Granville, OH

  • Greensboro, NC

    • Photo of Tyra Callaway. DAAD/Beowulf Sheehan

      Young Ambassador – University of North Carolina at Greensboro
      Tyra Callaway
      Chemistry & Physics

  • Greenville, NC

    • Photo of David Luther Smith.

      Research Ambassador – East Carolina University
      David Luther Smith
      Assistant Professor, Department of foreign Languages and Literatures

  • Guelph, ON

    • Photo of Krishna Bahadur KC.

      Research Ambassador – University of Guelph
      Krishna Bahadur KC
      Banting Postdoctoral Fellow – Department of Geography

  • Haverford, PA

  • Heidi Gottfried

    • Photo of Heidi Gottfried.

      Associate Professor, Department of Sociology – Wayne State University
      Research Interests: Work Transformation, social policy, gender and inequality
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Institute fuer Soziologie, University of Hamburg
      E-Mail: heidi.gottfried(at)

  • Hobart and William Smith Colleges - Ian Albreski

    • Ian Albreski
      Home University: Hobart and William Smith Colleges
      Major: English
      Program/University in Germany: Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
      E-Mail: albreski.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Servus, I’m Ian Albreski, a member of the Hobart and William Smith Colleges class of 2023, where I am an English Major and a German Area Studies Minor. I have always had a passion for language and what it is able to communicate, both practically and through art. Because of this I knew that what I wanted out of my time in college was to expand my proficiency with my mother tongue and pursue fluency in a foreign language. Although I only began to study the German language in the fall of 2020, my love of the language and the culture has dramatically changed my life (for the better) over the past two years. From January until August of 2022 I lived in Tübingen and studied at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen in the center of Baden-Württemberg.

      For me, living in Germany was freedom. As a visually impaired person, being able to navigate the country without a car—through walkable city centers, a bike friendly culture, and robust public transit made Germany the only place I’ve lived where I didn’t feel limited by my disability. It was also exciting for the entire world to be so rich with learning opportunities. As a student of the German Language, it was one thing to attend lectures to help improve my language proficiency, but often just as interesting to translate graffiti or listen to the world around me. I have no doubt that following my graduation in the Spring of 2023, that I be returning to Germany for a master’s degree or to work. In Tübingen, I met incredible people from all around the world and visited so many castles; two things which I believe might be linked to the meaning of life. Chao!

  • Honolulu, HI

    • Photo of Christina Gerhardt.

      Research Ambassador – University of Hawaii at Manoa
      Christina Gerhardt
      Assistant Professor of German

  • Houston, TX

    • Photo of Walid D. Fakhouri.

      Research Ambassador – University of Texas Health
      Walid D. Fakhouri, Assistant Professor School of Dentistry, Diagnostic and Biomedical Sciences

  • Huntingdon, PA

  • Huntsville, TX

    • Photo of Rick White.

      Research Ambassador – Sam Houston State University
      Rick White
      Professor of Chemistry

  • Indiana University Bloomington - Anna Holle

    • Anna Holle
      Home University: Indiana University Bloomington
      Major: German and Economics
      Program/University in Germany: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
      E-Mail: holle.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hello! My name is Anna Holle, and I am a senior at Indiana University studying German and Economics, with a minor in History. I started learning German in high school, and after participating in a small exchange with my hometown’s sister city, Löhne, I knew that I wanted to go back. I decided to study German at IU, and because of that, I was able to participate in the Academic Year in Freiburg (AYF) program at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg.

      Freiburg, the sunniest city in Germany, sits at the edge of the Black Forest and is only a short train ride from both France and Switzerland. This modest Black Forest city proved to be a wonderful stomping ground for my year abroad. I was able to take classes at the university with other international students, as well as German students, making a variety of new friends from all over the world. During the spring semester, I even had the opportunity to do an internship at a local political science research institute. During my free time, I loved trying new cafes, finding new parks around town, and eating Eis. On weekends, I could hop on a train for a hike in the Black Forest, but staying in Freiburg was equally as lovely. With markets and festivals over several weekends, there was always something going on.

      Overall, my experience in Freiburg vastly improved my German ability and gave me a desire to return to Germany. Especially after two years of living in the shadow of Covid-19, studying and living on my own an ocean away from all things familiar gave me a new sense of independence and taught me to embrace doing things outside of my comfort zone. As a Young Ambassador, I hope that I can help others to make the same decision to study and live in Germany.

  • Indianapolis, IN

    • Photo of Gabi N. Waite.

      Research Ambassador – Indiana University School of Medicine
      Gabi N. Waite
      Associate Professor, Cellular and Integrative Physiology Email:

  • Ingo Schlupp

    • Photo of Ingo Schlupp.

      Presidential Professor of Biology
      CAS, University of Oklahoma
      Research Interests: Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Potsdam, Brandenburg
      E-Mail: schlupp(at)

  • Irvine, CA

    • Photo of Carsten Mehring.

      Research Ambassador – University of California Irvine
      Carsten Mehring
      Lead Project Engineer, Adjunct Professor

  • Ivan Korendovych

    • Associate Professor, Chemistry – Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
      Research Interests: Biochemistry, biophysics, protein design and engineering
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Marburg; University of Greifswald
      E-Mail: ikorendo(at)

  • James Coulton

    • James Coulton
      Professor Emeritus – McGill University

      Research Interests: Biomedical sciences; Molecular microbiology

      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Tuebingen, University of Konstanz, University of Freiburg

      E-Mail: james.coulton (at)

  • Janine Murphy

    • Janine Murphy
      Faculty Researcher – College of the North Atlantic

      Research Interests: 19th-century Germany; migration and settler colonialism; reconciliation through education

      University/Research Institution in Germany: Friedrich Schiller University Jena; Justus Liebig University of Giessen; Goethe University Frankfurt; Carl Duisberg Centrum Dortmund

      E-Mail: janine.murphy (at)

  • Joe Perry

    • Photo of Joe Perry.

      Associate Professor, Department of History – Georgia State University
      Research Interests: modern and contemporary German social and cultural history; celebration and the senses; the mass media and identity
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Technische Universität Berlin
      E-Mail: jbperry(at)

  • John F. Corrigan

    • Photo of John F. Corrigan.

      Professor and Chair
      Department of Chemistry
      University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada
      Research Interests: Inorganic and Nanomaterials Chemistry
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
      E-Mail: johnc(at)


  • John L. Plews

    • Photo of John L. Plews.

      Associate Professor of Modern Languages (German) – Saint Mary’s University
      Research Interests: Second Language Education, Study Abroad for Second Languages
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Canadian Summer School in Germany (Kassel); Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

  • Jonathan Fine

    • Visiting Assistant Professor of German Studies – Brown University
      Research Interests: German literature and intellectual history
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Potsdam; FU Berlin
      E-Mail: jonathan_fine(at)

  • Jonathan Veinot

    • Photo of Jonathan Veinot.

      Professor, Department of Chemistry – University of Alberta
      Research Interests: Materials Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Hybrid Functional Materials
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Technische Universitaet Muenchen
      E-Mail: jveinot(at)

  • Jürgen F. Brune

    • Photo of Dr. Jürgen F. Brune.

      Research Professor – Mining Engineering, College of Earth Resource Sciences and Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
      Research Interests: Mine Ventilation, Mine Safety and Health, Coal Mining, Mine Fire and Explosion Prevention
      University/Research Institution in Germany: TU Clausthal
      E-Mail: jbrune(at)

  • Julia Lalande

    • Manager, High Hazards Unit, Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, Government of Ontario
      Research Interests: Eastern European Migration to Canada
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Hamburg
      E-Mail: Julia.lalande(at)

  • Karsten Lunze

    • Photo of Karsten Lunze.

      Assistant Professor – School of Medicine, Boston University
      Research Interests: Maternal and newborn health, HIV prevention among key populations
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Charité Medical School, Berlin
      E-Mail: karsten.lunze(at)

  • Kennesaw, GA

    • Photo of Jim Hurley.

      Research Ambassador – PolyOne Corporation, Kennesaw, GA
      Jim Hurley
      Manager New Product Development

  • Kingston, RI

    • DAAD Professor – University of Rhode Island
      Dr. Anett Geithner
      Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

    • Photo of Claudia Krah.

      Young Ambassador – University of Rhode Island
      Claudia Krah
      Business & German

  • Knoxville, TN

  • Kristopher Imbrigotta

    • Photo of Kristopher Imbrigotta.

      Visiting Assistant Professor of German – University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
      Research Interests: 18th-20th century German literature and culture, Visual Culture studies, Theater and Performance, Historiography, Narratology
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Universität Hamburg; Akademie der Künste / Bertolt-Brecht-Archiv, Berlin
      E-Mail: kimbrigotta(at)

  • Lexington, VA

    • Photo of Debra N. Prager.

      Research Ambassadors – Washington and Lee University
      Debra N. Prager
      Associate Professor of German

  • London, ON

    • Photo of John F. Corrigan.

      Research Ambassador – Western University
      John F. Corrigan
      Professor of Chemistry and Director, Centre for Advanced Materials and Biomaterials Research

  • Louisiana State University - Ruby Roberg

    • Ruby Roberg
      Home University: Louisiana State University
      Major: Chemical Engineering
      Program/University in Germany: Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
      E-Mail: roberg.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hi! I’m Ruby Roberg, an undergraduate student pursuing my B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering with minors in International Studies and Chemistry from Louisiana State University. In addition to serving as a DAAD Young Ambassador during the academic year, I’m also a chemistry tutor and an undergraduate researcher, studying microplastics from a colloid perspective.

      My experiences during my time at LSU have enabled me to explore my passions of scientific and intercultural communication. As soon as I started university, studying abroad was a priority for me. After lots of planning, I was able to spend my sophomore year studying at Radboud University in The Netherlands. This was a very transformative experience for me early in my college career and quickly set me on my path of pursuing more international experiences. Sharing my experience abroad with individuals from countries all over the world and building these connections was such an enriching experience for me and I couldn’t wait to go back.

      During my junior year, I was selected for the DAAD RISE Germany program, where I had the opportunity to spend three months as a research intern with the Chair of Thermodynamics at TU Kaiserslautern. This was my first experience with chemical engineering research, and I discovered I loved it. My mentors at TU KL were knowledgeable and welcoming, always quick to offer valuable advice on both research techniques and fun weekend trips in the area. Some of the most memorable moments were spent with my lab group and the other DAAD RISE interns I had the pleasure of getting to know.

      My experience studying in Germany was pivotal in my college career, both personally and professionally, and I am happy to share more about my experience in hopes that I can help others discover their own adventure studying or researching in Germany.

  • Madison, WI

    • Center for German and European studies – University of Wisconsin-Madison
      Prof. Pamela Potter, Director
      Center for German and European Studies – University of Wisconsin

    • DAAD Professor – University of Wisconsin-Madison
      Dr. Wilko Graf von Hardenberg
      Department of History

  • Manfred Philipp

    • Professor Emeritus – City University of New York
      Research Interests: Bioinformatics, Enzymology
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Universität Freiburg; Universität Ulm; Universität München
      E-Mail: m.philipp(at)

  • Mark Beirn

    • Mark Beirn
      Global Risk Manager – University of California, Irvine
      Ph.D. Candidate in History – Washington University in St. Louis

      Research Interests: History, Environmental & Urban Humanities, STS, Global Risk, International Education

      University/Research Institution in Germany: FU Berlin, TU Berlin, Berlin Public Library

      E-Mail: mbeirn (at)

  • Markus Chmielus

    • Photo of Markus Chmielus.

      Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Program Director, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science – University of Pittsburgh
      Research Interests: Advanced and Additive Manufacturing of Bulk, Porous, and Thin Films Metals, Carbides, and Multifunctional Magnetic Materials
      University/Research Institution in Germany: University of Stuttgart/Technical University Berlin/Helmholtz Centre Berlin for Materials and Energy
      E-Mail: chmielus(at)

  • Matthias Hofferberth

    • Assistant Professor, Political Science & Geography – University of Texas at San Antonio, TX, USA
      Research Interests: International relations and globalizationUniversity/Research Institution in Germany: Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main; Westfällische Wilhelms-Universität, Mϋnster
      E-Mail: matthias.hofferberth(at)

  • McGill University - Zachary Nanji

    • Zachary Nanji
      Home University: McGill University
      Major: International Development Studies
      Program/University in Germany: Ludwig-Maximilian Universität München
      E-Mail: nanji.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hallo! My name is Zachary and I am a third-year student at McGill University, Montréal. I study Honours International Development Studies with a Minor in Management, and am originally from Bristol, United Kingdom. During high-school, I studied German for six years, and so I already had a good command of German before I visited the country on exchange. I chose to study in Germany because I wanted to improve my German language ability: learning German in the classroom is one thing; however, using it in everyday conversation in Germany is quite different. Having visited Munich before on a high-school exchange, I chose to study at Ludwig-Maximilian Universitat (LMU) in Munich for my exchange. I was attracted once again to Munich by its interesting Bavarian dialect, the area’s beautiful scenery including mountains and lakes, and the delicious cuisine of Southern Germany. One of the things about my exchange semester which was not quite what I expected was the format of the classes at LMU. Classes were small, with around 15-20 students in each one. In addition, participation during lectures and presentations formed a large portion of lectures, which gave me an opportunity to participate more actively during classes than I am used to. Forming connections with my fellow students – both native Germans as well as other exchange students – was incredibly rewarding, and I was pleased to leave Germany with several new contacts. In addition, I enjoyed being able to expand my cultural horizons by taking part in new activities, visiting different cultural places of interest, and getting a taste for German day-to-day life. I would highly recommend Germany as a place to study for any student with an interest in foreign culture and an appetite for experiencing something new.

  • Miami, FL

    • Photo of David Abraham.

      Research Ambassador – University of Miami
      David Abraham
      Professor of Law

    • Photo of Mary Lindemann.

      Research Ambassador – University of Miami
      Mary Lindemann
      Professor and Chair, Department of History

  • Milwaukee, WI

    • Photo of Sebastian Luft.

      Research Ambassador – Marquette University
      Sebastian Luft
      Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy

  • Minneapolis, MN

    • Center for German and European studies – Minnesota-Twin Cities
      Prof. James A. Parente, Jr., Director
      Center for German and European Studies – University of Minnesota

    • DAAD Professor – University of Minnesota
      Dr. Hilde Hoffmann
      Department of German, Scandinavian and Dutch

  • Missoula, MT

  • Mobile, AL

    • Photo of Harry Roddy, Jr.

      Research Ambassador – University of South Alabama
      Harry Roddy, Jr.
      Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

  • Montana State University - Franklin Alongi

    • Franklin Alongi
      Home University: Montana State University
      Major: Plant Biology
      Program/University in Germany: Tübingen; Freie Universität Berlin
      E-Mail: alongi.daadya [at ] gmail [dot] com

      Hallo! My name is Franklin Alongi and I am in my third year at Montana State University. I am currently pursuing a degree in Plant Science with minors in Data Science and German. My interest in German language and culture started with visits to my sister during her own study abroad experience, ultimately fueling my own summer abroad in Germany in 2019. During this time, I studied the law, economics, and institutions of the European Union in Tübingen, as well as intensive German language in Berlin. Although these two programs were highly different with one being in a quaint, southern German university city and the other in the German capital, both were uniquely remarkable experiences. This single summer has inspired me to pursue a career of academic research in Germany as well as to continue to develop my own language abilities. In 2020, I received a DAAD RISE scholarship to conduct a summer of research about landscape disturbance ecology in a laboratory at the University of Bayreuth. Although the RISE program was unable to occur in 2020, I look forward to my internship the following year. I believe that every student should have as many resources and access to study abroad as possible, as these experiences for me have proven to be truly life changing. As a Young Ambassador, I look forward to supporting students in these same endeavors and helping them achieve their goals.

  • Montana State University - Nicholas Alvord

    • Nicholas Alvord
      Home University: Montana State University
      Major: Mechanical Engineering and German
      Program/University in Germany: DAAD RISE/Technische Universität Berlin
      E-Mail: alvord.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Moinsin! I’m Nicholas Alvord, a 4th year student at Montana State University currently getting a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and German. As an Alaskan, I’m quite far removed from most of what happens in the rest of the world, but nevertheless I have fortunately been able to gain a lot of experience traveling and studying abroad in Germany. I received the prestigious CBYX scholarship in 2018-2019 and was sent to live in Schleswig-Holstein, attend school in a Gymnasium, and live with a host family for a year. Spending what was basically my “senior year” of high school in such an environment greatly influenced me and led me to try and go abroad in Germany again, in whatever way possible. Unfortunately, the emergence of COVID rendered almost all my previous plans impossible to carry out.

      After years of COVID-related cancellations, in 2022 I received a DAAD RISE scholarship to help conduct research at the Technische Universität Berlin. I spent this last summer living in the middle of the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin, with my main project at the university helping research the 3D-printing of composite materials (more specifically, of endless-fiber composites for prosthetics). As someone who already has an interest in the additive manufacturing field and German culture, I found both my research and the city of Berlin to be incredibly fascinating.

      I am a big believer in the massive potential that traveling abroad can have in changing a person. I think everyone should have the opportunity to leave what they know behind, step out of their comfort zone, and learn more about themselves in a foreign land. Being placed in university context (through such a program such as the DAAD) can give you a great starting point to meet like-minded people in your age group from all around the world. Being a DAAD Young Ambassador, I hope to show students the importance of having a proper international experience and to help those who want to study abroad to have the best time possible.

  • Montréal, QC

    • Center for German and European studies – University of Montreal
      Prof. Barbara Thériault, Directeur
      Le Centre Canadien d’Études Allemandes et Européennes

    • DAAD Professor – University of Montreal
      Dr. Fabien Théofilakis
      Department of Modern Languages & Cultural Studies

    • Photo of Gerhard Multhaup.

      Research Ambassador – McGill University
      Gerhard Multhaup
      Chair and Professor -Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics

    • Photo of Monzur Murshed.

      Research Ambassador – McGill University
      Monzur Murshed
      Associate Professor, Department of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry

    • Photo of Petra Rohrbach.

      Research Ambassador – McGill University
      Petra Rohrbach
      Assistant Professor, Institute of Parasitology

  • Morgan Rich

    • Morgan Rich
      Assistant Director of the Center for European Studies – University of Florida

      Research Interests: Historical Musicology

      University/Research Institution in Germany: Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung, Berlin; Walter Benjamin and Theodor Adorno Archive, Akademie der Künste, Berlin; Theodor W. Adorno Archive, Uni. Frankfurt

      E-Mail: morganmrich (at)

  • New Brunswick, NJ

  • New Orleans, LA

    • Photo of Brian S. Mitchell.

      Research Ambassador – Tulane University
      Brian S. Mitchell
      Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • New York, NY

    • DAAD New York

    • Photo of Eckart Graeve.

      Research Ambassador – New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)
      Eckart Graeve
      Adjunct Professor, Architecht and Urban Planner in New York City Email:

    • Sponsored Chair – New York University
      Prof. Dr. Christine Landfried
      Max Weber Chair for German and European Studies

  • Niagara Univ, NY

    • Photo of Dawit Eshetu.

      Research Ambassador – Niagara University
      Dawit Eshetu
      Coordinator and Professor, School of Business, Hospitality and Tourism

  • Norman, OK

    • Photo of Ingo Schlupp.

      Research Ambassador – The University of Oklahoma
      Ingo Schlupp
      Presidential Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

  • North Andover, MA

  • North York, ON

  • Northern Arizona University - Madison Shimizu

    • Madison Shimizu
      Home University: Northern Arizona University
      Major: Anthropology and Criminal Justice
      Program/University in Germany: Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
      E-Mail: shimizu.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hello! My name is Madison Shimizu. I am currently a junior at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona majoring in Anthropology and Criminal Justice with minors in German and Forensic Sciences. When I was a kid I didn’t really know what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I did know what I wanted to do as I grew up and that was to travel. Traveling internationally is a new experience for me as this is my very first time in Europe. I grew up traveling across the United States so when I had the opportunity to study abroad in Germany I immediately jumped on it.

      Before traveling to Germany I had been studying the language for a few years so I was quite comfortable with it. I fell in love with the culture during High School and really began learning and memorizing the grammar during my time in  university. When I began my time at my institution in Tübingen, I immediately fell in love; living abroad in Germany is an experience that I am so grateful for not only because I am learning and growing so much but also because I am meeting new people from all over the world. Learning about German culture and language while actually living in Germany with other international students is an experience that I will never forget.

      Though my time here in Germany was short, I can confidently say that these six months are such an important time in my life and have not only changed me, but also my views, ideas, and beliefs about the world. I hope to share this love I have found and created with other students who are passionate and want to take part in learning and living in a new culture!

  • Notre Dame, IN

  • Orange, CA

    • Photo of Aftab Ahmed.

      Research Ambassador – Chapman University
      Aftab Ahmed
      Research Associate Professor

  • Ottawa, ON

    • Photo of James Deaville.

      Research Ambassador – Carleton University
      James Deaville
      Professor, School for Studies in Art and Culture: Music

    • Photo of Mamadou Fall.

      Research Ambassador – University of Ottawa
      Mamadou Fall
      Associate Professor – Department of Civil Engineering

  • Philadelphia, PA

    • DAAD Professor – University of Pennsylvania
      Dr. Yasemin Dayioglu-Yücel
      Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

    • Photo of Staver Bezhani.

      Research Ambassador – University of Pennsylvania
      Staver Bezhani
      Department of Biology

  • Phoenix, AZ

    • Photo of Willem Vermaas.

      Research Ambassador – Arizona State University
      Willem Vermaas
      Foundation Professor

  • Pierre Mertiny

    • Photo of Pierre Mertiny.

      Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering – University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
      Research Interests: Polymer composite materials, composite pressure vessels and piping, nanocomposites, composite energy storage flywheel rotors
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Universität Hannover
      E-Mail: pmertiny(at)

  • Pittsburgh, PA

    • DAAD Professor – University of Pittsburgh
      Dr. Katja Wezel
      Department of History

    • Photo of Victoria Harms.

      Research Ambassador – University of Pittsburgh
      Victoria Harms
      Ph.D. Candidate – History Department

    • Photo of Markus Chmielus.

      Research Ambassador – University of Pittsburgh
      Markus Chmielus
      Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering and Material Science

  • Plattsburgh, NY

    • Photo of Richard Schaefer.

      Research Ambassador – State University of New York, College at Plattsburgh
      Richard Schaefer
      Assistant Professor of History

  • Poughkeepsie, NY

  • Prince George, BC

    • Photo of Jueyi Sui.

      Research Ambassador – University Of Northern British Columbia
      Jueyi Sui

  • Pullman, WA

    • Photo of Julian Reyes.

      Research Ambassador – Washington State University
      Julian Reyes
      PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Raleigh, NC

    • Photo of Helmut H.A. Hergeth.

      Research Ambassador –  North Carolina State University
      Helmut H.A. Hergeth
      Associate Professor in Textile Management

  • Renu Singh

    • Ph.D. Candidate – Georgetown University
      Research Interests: Political science
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Hertie School of Governance, Berlin; Helmholtz Zentrum, Muenchen; LMU and MPI for Social Law and Social Policy, Muenchen
      E-Mail: renu.singh.87(at)

  • Richard S. Ascough

    • Professor, School of Religion– Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada
      Research Interests: Religious Studies – Origins of Christianity
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Mϋnster
      E-Mail: rsa(at)

  • Rolla, MO

    • Photo of David J. Westenberg.

      Research Ambassador – Missouri University of Science and Technology
      David J. Westenberg
      Associate Professor

  • Salt Lake City, UT

  • San Antonio, TX

    • Photo of John L. Plews.

      Research Ambassador – St. Mary’s University
      John L. Plews
      Associate Professor of Modern Langaugaes (German)

  • San Diego, CA

    • DAAD Professor – University of California San Diego
      Dr. Margrit Frölich
      Departments of History and Literature

  • San Francisco, CA

    • DAAD Information Center San Francisco

      Information Center San Francisco
      c/o Goethe-Institut
      Address: 530 Bush Street, Suite 204,
      San Francisco, CA 94108
      Phone: +1 415-986-2021
      E-Mail: daadsf[at]

      Office Hours

      Monday – Friday 10am – 5:00pm
      Please send an e-mail or call to make an appointment.

    • GAIN Advisor – Twitter
      Dr. Thomas Arend, product development

    • GAIN Advisor – UC San Francisco (UCSF)
      Dr. Hildegard Mack
      Postdoc at Department of Biochemistry


  • San Jose, CA

    • Photo of Sami Khuri.

      Research Ambassador – San José State University
      Sami Khuri
      Professor of Computer Science

  • San Marcos, TX

  • Sarnia, ON

    • Photo of Adrian H. Murray.

      Research Ambassador – LANXESS Butyl Rubber R&D
      Adrian H. Murray
      Postdoctoral Fellow, Product Research

  • Saskatoon, SK

    • Research Ambassador – University of Saskatchewan
      Missihoun D. Tagnon
      Postdoctoral research fellow

  • Schenectady, New York

    • Photo of Dianne M. McMullen.

      Research Ambassador – Union College, Schenectady, New York
      Dianne M. McMullen
      Professor of Music, College Organist, and Chair of the Department of Music

  • Seattle, WA

    • DAAD Professor – University of Washington
      Dr. Frank Wendler
      Department of Political Science and Jackson School of International
      Email: Studies

    • Photo of Toshiko Takenaka.

      Research Ambassador – University of Washington School of Law
      Toshiko Takenaka
      Professor of Law

  • Sebastian Luft

    • Photo of Sebastian Luft.

      Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy – Marquette University
      Research Interests: 19th and 20th century European philosophy, philosophy of culture.
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Universität Würzburg, Universität Freiburg i.Br. (Husserl-Archiv)
      E-Mail: Sebastian.Luft(at)

  • Sewanee: The University of the South - Lakeisha Phillips

    • Lakeisha Phillips
      Home University: Sewanee: The University of the South
      Major: German and German Studies; Politics
      Program/University in Germany: DID Deutsch-Institut Berlin
      E-Mail: phillips.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hallo! My name is Lakeisha Phillips and I am a senior double majoring in Politics and German at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. My love for German and Germany comes not from my study abroad experience but from my own upbringing. I was born and raised in Lampertheim, Germany and spoke German before I learned English. My mother is German and my father is a retired American soldier, which is what I like to consider your typical military-German love story. Most of my German was conversational up until I came to college, where I fell in love with our small yet mighty German department. I have learned so much about myself as a Black German woman and the Black Germans that came before me while simultaneously developing my professional German speaking skills. I studied abroad in Berlin, Germany the summer after my freshman year and had the opportunity to engage with the rich history of Berlin and strengthen my language skills. While I was in Berlin, I fell in love with the German Bundestag and Reichstag building. This has led to my strong desire to continue to study German and its legal system upon graduation. I aspire to move back to Germany, work and be close to my family again! I love talking about my German heritage and just about the Black German culture in general simply because it is bigger than many may believe and there is so much history that is yet to be uncovered. I am so excited to serve as a DAAD Ambassador this year and share my love for this wonderful country that I have the pleasure of calling my home.

  • Sewanee: University of the South - Emily Hawkins

    • Emily Hawkins
      Home University: Sewanee: The University of the South
      Major: German Studies
      Program/University in Germany: Deutsch in Deutschland Institut
      E-Mail: Hawkins.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hello! My name is Emily Hawkins and I have been a German language learner for six years. I am an undergraduate at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, and I am going to major in German studies and minor in politics. I fell in love with the German language in high school, and in ninth grade I began participating in annual regional declamation competitions, which exposed me to a wide range of German poetry. Recently, I traveled to Berlin with classmates and was able to see the place where some of the literature I had studied was written. During our time in the city my classmates and I went through three weeks of grammar training at the rigorous DiD Deutsch-Institut as part of my university’s study abroad program. However, touring the city and scouting out locations by myself was truly the best part of my time there. Getting to know Berlin was an incredible experience, heightened by prior knowledge from previous German classes at my university, one in particular which focused on the history of the city. Having completed several readings in this course about everyday life on both sides of separated Berlin, it was enlightening to see descriptions from pages functioning as real life right before my eyes. The living history that surrounds the areas of the Berlin Wall is something that will stay with me for a long time. I believe it is important to closely consider historical and political context when studying literature, which is why I chose a minor in politics alongside a German major. I intend to continue studying German works of literature and I am excited to see how my experience in Berlin will influence that.

  • Simone Seym

    • Photo of Simone Seym.

      Goethe-Institut – Washington, D.C.
      Research Interests: German and European Cultural Studies, Sustainable Film and Performing Arts
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: University of Karlsruhe; University of Mannheim
      E-Mail: s.seym(at)

  • St. Catharines, ON

  • St. John's, NL

  • St Paul, MN

    • Photo of Habiba Hadziavdic.

      Research Ambassador – University of St. Thomas
      Habiba Hadziavdic
      Faculty, Department of Modern and Classical Languages

  • St Peter, MN

    • Photo of Muhammad Khan.

      Young Ambassador – Gustavus Adolphus College
      Muhammad Khan
      International Management & Financial Economics

  • Stanford, CA

    • Photo of Atussa Mohtasham. DAAD/Beowulf Sheehan

      Young Ambassador – Stanford University
      Atussa Mohtasham
      Comparative Literature

  • Stillwater, OK

  • Storrs, CT

    • Photo of Glenn Stanley.

      Research Ambassador – University of Connecticut
      Glenn Stanley
      Professor of Music

  • Swen Steinberg

    • Postdoctoral Researcher and Assistant Professor – Queen’s University
      Research Interests: History of knowledge/knowledge and migration/knowledge and young immigrants; environmental knowledge; refugees and borderlands; economic history and corporate cultures 19th/20th century
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Technische Universitaet Dresden
      E-Mail: Swen.Steinberg(at)

  • Tacoma, WA

    • Photo of Amos Nascimento.

      Research Ambassador –  Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at the University of Washington
      Amos Nascimento
      Associate Professor of Philosophy Assistant Director

    • Photo of Kristopher Imbrigotta.

      Research Ambassador – University of Puget Sound
      Kristopher Imbrigotta
      Visiting Assistant Professor of German

  • Tallahassee, FL

    • Photo of Margaret Jackson.

      Research Ambassador – Florida State University
      Margaret Jackson
      Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology

    • Photo of Alina Dana Weber.

      Research Ambassador – The Florida State University
      Alina Dana Weber
      Assistant Professor of German, Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics

  • Teaneck, NJ

    • Photo of Catalina Calderon Garcia.

      Young Ambassador – Fairleigh Dickinson University Vancouver
      Catalina Calderon Garcia
      Communications & Internal Relations

  • Terre Haute, IN

    • Photo of Lee Waite.

      Research Ambassador – Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
      Lee Waite
      Professor, Biomedical Engineering

  • Thian Yew Gan

    • Photo of Thian Yew Gan.

      Professor at the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering – University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
      Research Interests: Hydrologic processes and modeling, climatology, remote sensing, climate change, water resources management and planning, and snow hydrology.
      Universities/Research Institutions in Germany: Technical University Munich, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
      E-Mail: tgan(at)

  • Thomas Baumgarte

    • William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Physics, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME, USA
      Research Interests: General Relativity
      University/Research Institution in Germany: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München; MPI Astrophysik, Garching
      E-Mail: tbaumgar(at)

  • Toronto, ON

    • Center for German and European studies – University of Toronto
      Prof. Randall Hansen, Research Director
      Joint Initiative in German and European Studies – University of Toronto

    • Center for German and European studies – York University
      Prof. Christina Kraenzle, Director
      Canadian Centre for German and European Studies

    • DAAD Information Centre Toronto

    • DAAD Professor – University of Toronto
      Dr. Alexandra Gerstner
      Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

    • DAAD Professor – York University
      Dr. Ulrich Best
      Canadian Center for German & European Studies

    • Photo of Martin Habekost.

      Research Ambassador – Ryerson University
      Martin Habekost
      Associate Professor, School of Graphic Communications Management

    • Photo of Frauke Zeller.

      Research Ambassador – Ryerson University
      Frauke Zeller
      Assistant Professor

    • Photo of Gregory S. Johnston.

      Research Ambassador – University of Toronto
      Gregory S. Johnston
      Associate Professor, Faculty of Music

    • Photo of Raphael Schneider.

      Research Ambassador – University of Toronto – Neurology
      Raphael Schneider

    • Photo of Christine Korte.

      Research Ambassador – York University
      Christine Korte
      PhD Candidate in Communication & Culture

    • Sponsored Chair – University of Toronto
      Prof. Dr. Mathias Albert
      Hannah Arendt Visiting Chair for German and European Studies

    • Photo of Christina Park. DAAD/Beowulf Sheehan

      Young Ambassador – York University
      Christina Park
      Visual Arts & Concurrent Education

  • Tricia Striano

    • Professor, Hunter College  &Tricia Striano Inc. |
      Research Interests: Infant development, neuroscience, design, real estate
      University/Research Institution in Germany: MPI-EVA, Leipzig; MPI-CBS, Leipzig; University of Leipzig, University Osnabrueck
      E-Mail: triciastrianoa(at)

  • Tucson, AZ

    • Photo of Albrecht Classen.

      Research Ambassador – The University of Arizona
      Albrecht Classen
      University Distinguished Professor of German Studies Email:

  • University of Calgary - Zarnab Zafar

    • Home University: University of Calgary
      Political Science; French
      Program/University in Germany: 
      Ludwig-Maximilian Universität München
      zafar.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      I am a Second Year Political Science, International Relations, and French Major. I was a part of the study abroad program before I even began my studies at my university and it was one of the best experiences I have had. Being given this opportunity prior to starting my first year officially allowed me to gain valuable insight into University life and prepare myself for this chapter in my life. I took EU studies and German and I learned lessons that I will take with me everywhere I go next. While the time difference was difficult to adjust to at the beginning and at the end of the course I truly felt as though I had experienced life as a German student fully. During my courses I learned a lot about the EU and practiced my German skills, but I also experienced life in Germany virtually and felt like I had gone on a trip. Despite being online, I was able to learn meaningful lessons about the course material, but also make lifelong friendships and connections with people. I think my favorite part of this program was the fact that I truly felt like a university student and even though I hadn’t officially started as a student I gained a lot of important experience that greatly helped me when I began my journey as a university student. I hope that by being an ambassador I can help others gain this experience and showcase how important international study is and the lifelong lessons that come with it.

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Chloe Jaiswal

    • Chloe Jaiswal
      Home University: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
      Major: Computer Science and Chemistry
      Program/University in Germany: Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
      E-Mail: jaiswal.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hallo! My name is Chloe Jaiswal, and I am a third year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am currently majoring in Computer Science + Chemistry and am from the Cincinnati area. I had first heard about DAAD RISE Germany when I was a junior in high school, and I knew that I wanted to apply when I was eligible. I had always loved traveling and thought it would be an incredible and unique opportunity to live in Germany while conducting research.

      In the fall of 2019, I applied to the program and was excited for the different research areas that were listed as potential opportunities. One morning in the beginning of 2020 I woke up to the amazing news that I was matched with a PhD student at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. Unfortunately, soon after hearing about this amazing news, I soon came to learn that my internship would be cancelled for the summer of 2020 due to COVID-18. However, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel and complete the internship once conditions had improved.

      After one more delay, I was able to travel to Kaiserslautern in early of September of 2021. During my time abroad, I met many amazing people and made some unforgettable memories. One of my favorite activities that me and the other interns would sometimes do after work was play soccer or “fußball” with some of the PhD students. My time in Kaiserslautern taught me many things about myself not only academically, but also personally and I am excited to show others my love for Germany by sharing my experiences as a DAAD Young Ambassador.

  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst - Alexis Haring

    • Alexis Haring
      Home University: 
      University of Massachusetts-Amherst
      Biology and STEM; German
      Program/University in Germany: 
      Heinrich-Heine Universität
      haring.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hallo! My name is Alexis Haring and I will be entering my fourth year of studies at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. There I am completing a dual degree in Biology and STEM-German. I have been studying German since the 8th grade and have been able to continue learning the language in college. Despite having a course-heavy schedule with my major of Biology, through the UMASS-Amherst program called i-STEP, I was able to continue fostering my German language skills in German classes that are geared towards learning technical and scientific terms useful for an internship in the STEM field in Germany.

      In the summer of 2021, I was able to go to Germany to complete an internship with DAAD RISE. There I was matched at Heinrich-Heine Universität in Düsseldorf, Germany. I worked in the AG Stahl group studying the stem cell niche in Arabidopsis Thaliana. In Germany, working in an only German-speaking lab, my German language fluency exponentially grew. I predominantly spoke German in the lab and English outside of the lab since my friends abroad were American and Irish. While in Germany, I was also able to travel, in part due to the generous stipend that was awarded to me with DAAD RISE.

      I have learned so much during my time in Germany. My Ph.D. student mentor, whom I shadowed while abroad, helped me understand what to expect in German culture and how to thrive in Germany. I am forever grateful for the opportunity DAAD RISE gave me this past summer and can not wait to get back to Germany. My inbox is always open if you want to chat about the RISE process/application, how to get connected with people while in Germany, study abroad, and so much more. My email inbox is always open and I look forward to hearing from you. Tschüss!!

  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro - Anne Badgett

    • Anne Badgett
      Home University: 
      University of North Carolina at Greensboro
      Political Science; German
      Program/University in Germany: 
      University of Konstanz
      badgett.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hallo! My name is Anne Badgett. I am a student studying at the University of North Carolina Greensboro majoring in Political Science and minoring in German and Anthropology. International travel has always been a large part of my life. Although I am American, I grew up in South Africa and as a result have always had ambitions to live abroad. When I decided to take German in my sophomore year, I immediately fell in love with the language. I have my amazing professor to thank for that, as he used poetry, film, and other art to inspire our German studies. My study abroad took place at the University of Konstanz in Konstanz, Germany in Spring of 2020. I decided to go to Konstanz as not many people from my home university, UNCG, had done their study abroad there, and it is well-known for its Political Science program. Having the opportunity to study political science from a German perspective was paramount to my personal and academic development. This turned out to be a good decision because I was able to not only meet people from other countries, but also from other American universities. Making connections with other Americans interested in Germany was enriching and encouraged me to continue learning about Germany despite my study abroad being cut short due to coronavirus. I am passionate about encouraging people to travel abroad for extended periods of time whether it be for research, career, or university. I am excited to use my personal experience to encourage others to travel to Germany and encounter the fullness it has to offer.

  • Vancouver, BC

    • Center for German and European studies – The University of British Columbia
      Prof. Kurt Hübner, Director
      Institute of European Studies

  • Victoria, BC

    • Photo of Jens H. Weber.

      Research Ambassador – University of Victoria
      Jens H. Weber
      Professor, Department of Computer Science

  • Virginia Tech - Sasha Mintz

    • Sasha Mintz
      Home University: Virginia Tech
      Major: Aerospace Engineering
      Program/University in Germany: Ruhr-Universität Bochum
      E-Mail: mintz.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hello! My name is Sasha Mintz and I am a student at Virginia Tech studying aerospace engineering with minors in physics, astronomy and German. I intend on graduating in Spring 2024 and pursue a doctorate in astrophysics. I have always been surrounded by the German culture and language growing up; my mother’s side of the family was all born there. As I entered high school, I began learning the language in hopes of better communicating with my grandmother and her relatives. During my spring semester of my freshman year, I heard about the Tandem-MINT program. This program involves being paired with a partner who speaks the language you want to learn and vice versa. Then, you meet about 13 times during the semester, speaking 1 hour of English and 1 hour of German. This course was meant to broaden each person’s language skills in their major, in hopes of helping them be able to speak more eloquently about what they study in their non-native language. Because of COVID-19, I was unable to travel to Germany and meet my partner in person in Bochum, but nonetheless, the course was enriching and fulfilling in all the same ways. I hope to pursue more study abroad opportunities in the upcoming years and further my experiences with the German language and culture. Currently, I work as an aerospace engineering intern at a research corporation that actually has an employee who lives in Germany! I hope to speak with him before I return to campus and practice the new skills I learned through my study abroad experience.

  • Waltham, MA

    • Center for German and European studies – Brandeis University
      Prof. Sabine von Mering, Director
      Center for German and European Studies

  • Washington and Lee University - Avalon Pernell

    • Avalon Pernell
      Home University: Washington and Lee University
      Major: Journalism and Politics
      Program/University in Germany: IES Abroad Berlin
      E-Mail: pernell.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Hallo! My name is Avalon Pernell and I’m a senior majoring in journalism and politics and minoring in German at Washington and Lee University. I grew up in Tuscaloosa, AL where I began studying German in high school. These classes sparked my interest to continue studying the language in college and fed my growing want to visit the country during my time in undergrad.

      After two study abroad cancellations I took a leap of faith to spend a semester in Berlin my junior year. In Berlin, I enjoyed the fruits of saying yes to greater spontaneity. From going to my first German comedy show, to attending the premiere of a Berlin state ballet, I was able to participate in the cultural life of Berlin. I also learned the power of taking a pause and prioritizing time outside with friends –preferably over coffee and cake. My coursework also prompted me to look more critically at my identity as an American and Black woman. From participating in a mock EU in a politics class to exploring the way institutions document history in my art history class, my coursework helped bring my textbooks to life.

      My decision to take a leap of faith and study abroad after facing deferred travel plans for two years sparked one of my most transformative journeys to date. And I’m excited to help students interested in studying in Germany, as a DAAD ambassador this year!

  • Washington, DC

    • Center for German and European studies – Georgetown University,
      Prof. Jeffrey Anderson, Director
      BMW Center for German and European Studies

    • DAAD Professor – Georgetown University
      Dr. Asiye Kaya
      BMW Center for German and European Studies

    • Photo of Corey Campion.

      Research Ambassador – Georgetown University
      Corey Campion
      An instructor in history – Hood College

    • Photo of Simone Seym.

      Research Ambassador – Goethe-Institut Washington
      Simone Seym
      German and European Cultural Studies

    • Photo of Joerg Schlatterer.

      Research Ambassador – National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C
      Joerg Schlatterer
      Program Director

  • Washington & Lee University - Anne Riter

    • Anne Riter
      Home University: Washington & Lee University
      Major: Economics and German; Arabic Minor
      Program/University in Germany: Goethe-Institut; American Field Service High School
      E-Mail: riter.daadya [at] gmail [dot] com

      Moin moin! My name is Anne and I am a senior majoring in Economics and German and minoring in Arabic at Washington & Lee University. I grew up in a half-Danish, half-American household, so learning foreign languages and studying abroad was always encouraged. I started taking German in middle school, but when I moved to a new state right before high school and I found out that my new school didn’t offer German, I decided to study abroad. As a junior in high school, I went to Hamburg for an entire year where I lived with a host family and attended the local Gymnasium. Only really knowing how to introduce myself and talk about my favorite colors, it was a challenge to navigate a new country, culture, and language. I made many missteps, but it was one of the most transformative years of my life and it set me on my path of majoring in German. I had the opportunity as a freshman in college to return to Germany where I studied social market economy in Berlin for four weeks with 15 of my fellow W&L German students. Many of my fellow classmates turned to me for advice, and I found myself settling in and enjoying my role as a resource for them, something I wish I had had when I studied abroad the first time. While the Covid-19 pandemic canceled my plans to study abroad during the winter semester of 2021, I knew I wanted to help other students achieve their study abroad goals. I am eagerly waiting for the next time I get to go to Germany, but until then I hope to share my love of the culture and the language with other students on my campus!

  • Waterloo, ON

    • Photo of Anna Abnizova.

      Research Ambassador – Wilfried Laurier University
      Anna Abnizova
      Post-Doctoral Fellow in Arctic Hydrology and Biogeochemistry Email:

  • Waterville, ME

  • West Lafayette, IN

    • Photo of Eckhard A. Groll.

      Research Ambassador – Purdue University
      Eckhard A. Groll
      Professor of Mechanical Engineering/Director of the Office of Professional Practice

  • Whitewater, WI

    • Photo of Matthew Viney. DAAD/Beowulf Sheehan

      Young Ambassador – University of Wisconsin – Whitewater
      Matthew Viney
      Economics & German

  • Wichita, KS

  • William E. Uspal

    • William E. Uspal
      Assistant Professor – University of Hawai’i at Manoa

      Research Interests: Microhydrodynamics, colloids, microswimmers

      University/Research Institution in Germany: Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart

      E-Mail: uspal (at)

  • Winnipeg, MB

  • Wolfville, NS