Programme Description

The research programme addresses scholars of all disciplines in the humanities or social sciences who focus on security-related issues, the fading role of the state and the gradual elimination of borders since the end of the Cold War. The programme is intended to encourage junior scholars to pursue unconventional research agendas that are nonetheless crucial, while providing senior scholars with the opportunity to focus intensively on work in progress for a limited period of time. The objective is to combine basic theoretical research with concepts that are applicable to present-day political issues of security policy.

Funding includes grants for research scholarships and research projects. Doctoral scholarships are only granted in connection with a research project. Post-doctoral scientists receive a scholarship base amount of EUR 2,300 each month, the grant for scientists with a post-doctoral lecture qualification is worth EUR 3,100. There are additional benefits, such as allowances for accompanying children or, i.e., to cover printing costs, if necessary. Please note that income from employment and scholarship income are mutually exclusive. The funding covers a period of one to 24 months.

Target Group

scholars or scientists from any discipline holding a doctorate or a post-doctoral lecture qualification who address security-related issues. The research projects should be closely related to one or more of the fields of research.

There are five key research areas:
  • challenges of new technologies
  • public administration and human security
  • patterns of conflict resolution between the state and traditional actors
  • non-governmental actors as partners and contenders of the state
  • security strategies between doctrine formation and implementation

Academic Requirements

doctorate or post-doctoral lecture qualification in the humanities or social sciences

Number of Scholarships

About 17% of the applicants are awarded scholarships.


maximum of two years with the option to extend the funding, if the scholar becomes a parent during the allowance period and is therefore entitled to maternity and/or parental leave

Scholarship Value

  • scholarship base amount per month: EUR 2,300 for post-doctoral researchers and EUR 3,100 for researchers with a post-doctoral lecture qualification
  • standard foreign residence allowance per month: EUR 575 for post-doctoral researchers and EUR 775 for researchers with a post-doctoral lecture qualification
  • travel allowance: as required
  • material costs: as required
  • family allowance, if applicable: EUR 400 for scholars with one child, EUR 500 for two children or EUR +100 for more children

Income from employment and scholarship income are mutually exclusive.

Application Papers

application forms and further information on the application procedure here

Application Deadline

The deadline for application is November 30th, 2018.

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