The purpose of the programme is to provide opportunities to post-doctoral mathematician under the guidance of AIMS, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences. As a self-governing non-profit trust, which is supported by several universities, AIMS offers postgraduate Programmes to talented students from the African continent. In a similar way, AIMS is extending its offer to Masters and Doctoral Degree Programme in mathematical sciences meeting the need for highly qualified scientists in Africa.

It has been agreed upon that DAAD co-operates with AIMS by offering 1 Postdoctoral Fellowship at the AIMS Centers in Cameroon, Ghana and South Africa each.

Who can apply?

Applicants have to
  • have completed their PhD degree not more than six years ago.
  • be current or prospective teaching or research staff at a university or research institution in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • be invited by AIMS.
  • preferably be nationals of an African country.

The scholarships at AIMS Cameroon, Ghana and South Africa are available in the following field:

The fellowship is tenable at AIMS Cameroon, Ghana or South Africa

What can be funded?

The purpose of the programme is to provide opportunities to post-doctoral researchers to conduct co-operative research at AIMS.

Duration of the funding

The awards are tenable for a period of up to two years.


The fellowship covers:
  • A flat-rate travel allowance: The flat rate travel allowance will be specified in the letter of Award
  • A monthly research allowance of 100 EUR
  • A monthly instalment of 1000 EUR
  • If a health insurance is compulsory for work and/or visa regulations DAAD will accept the costs for a standard tariff upon submission of receipt of paid invoice.

The scholarship is designed as a subsidy to the scholar’s current salary / study leave income.


The objective for fellows is to undertake research during the tenure of the award. The project should not be a reworking or mere extension of the candidate’s doctoral research project. In addition:
  • The host institution has to adequately participate in the costs
    (e.g. infrastructure, other local expenses).
  • The host and the candidate must have established close communication and devised a concrete concept note.
  • The implementation of the fellowship should contribute to develop staff exchange between Sub-Saharan African universities.

Furthermore, the candidates should be ready to support the supervision of DAAD scholars, if required, by their host institution.

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