Programme Description

The Foundation of German Business (SDW) offers undergraduate and graduate students a vast number of opportunities ranging from various seminars and training programmes to financial support. Courses are held in German, so that candidates should have at least intermediate-level command of German (B2 or DSH 2). The Klaus Murmann Fellowship Programme is centred on a variety of political, economic and social issues with corporate responsibility being an underlying theme throughout the entire course. The Foundation strongly encourages communication between the students and representatives from the fields of business, science, politics, culture and administration. The preparatory course is a special scholarship programme by the Klaus Murmann Fellowship Programme for candidates who have obtained a degree in teaching.

Target Group

Any undergraduate or graduate student with a residence status as per BAföG § 8, (1-3) is welcome to apply, please see|

Academic Requirements

students pursuing a Bachelor's, Master's, Diplom-, Magister- or state examination degree

Number of Scholarships

A total of around 1,550 scholars are funded every year; about 250 candidates are newly admitted each year.


Funding is available until the end of the standard period of study. Sponsoring beyond this period will be granted only in exceptional cases.

Scholarship Value

The scholarship sum depends on the candidate's own as well as on parental income. Additional payments include a book allowance which is granted irrespective of income and, if applicable, a family allowance.
  • maximum amount: EUR 649 per month, minimum: study allowance of EUR 300 per month, independent of income
  • family allowance: EUR 155 per month
  • where applicable, contributions to health- and long-term care insurance as well as a child-care allowance

Application Papers

Please submit your application via the application portal first. All further information may be found here

Application Deadline

The central assessment centre will be held in autumn, the application deadline is in the spring. Further information can be found here

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