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Short-Term Research Grants are awarded for 1-6 months to highly qualified candidates who have completed a Master’s degree or Diploma, or in exceptional cases a Bachelor’s degree at the latest by the time they begin their grant supported research, or those who have already completed a PhD (postdocs).

Applications for short-term research grants are accepted twice annually, usually in November and May.

Please note: In case you encounter technical problems while submitting your online application in the portal, please make sure to use Fire Fox as a browser and not Chrome.


Who can apply?

  • US or Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Foreign nationals who live in the USA or in Canada
    • must have been living in the US/Canada for a minimum of one year and
    • have their current residence in the US/Canada by the time of the application deadline.
  • All other foreign nationals may need to apply via a different DAAD office.


Which requirements must be met at the time of application?

For doctoral students enrolled in a program in the US:

  • no more than 3 years should have passed (at the time of application) since receiving ABD status

For postdocs:

  • no more than 4 years should have passed at the time of application deadline since gaining their doctorate

In addition, all applicants:

  • must not have been living in Germany for more than 15 consecutive months by the time of the application deadline, and
  • if you are a German national, you must have been residing in the US for 6 continuous years at the time of the application deadline. Please call our office to make sure you are eligible.

Terms of Award

Monthly stipends are approximately

  • EUR 750 for graduate students
  • EUR 1,000 for doctoral students and postdocs.

DAAD will cover health insurance and provide a flat rate subsidy for travel costs. In addition, limited funds are available for a rent subsidy and family allowance.

  • Please note that DAAD scholarship recipients are not permitted to receive supplementary funding through any other German funding body.
  • Supplementary funding from a non-German funding body may in some cases be permitted. However, they would then be treated as additional earnings, i.e. grants exceeding the tax-free income level in Germany (currently EUR 450 per month) would be deducted from the DAAD scholarship, unless the grant payments will be put on hold for the duration of your DAAD scholarship.
  • Short-Term Research Grants are awarded for periods of 1-6 months. Applicants wishing to complete a doctoral degree program in Germany can only apply for a long-term research grant. They may receive up to three one-year extensions. Please note that the German academic year usually begins on October 1st.

Funding Period

Short-term grants (1-6 months) with the November deadline must be started between six and 12 months after the application deadline.

Short-term grants with the May deadline must be started between four and 12 months after the application deadline.

Please note that due to administrative reasons the short-term grant can only start on the 1st of a month.

Application Guidelines

1. Please refer to the application checklist (available for download in the box to the right) to submit all required application materials before you enter the online portal. These guidelines are region specific for North American applicants only. You will find some different details on the application portal and the DAAD Bonn website, such as maximum pages; the instructions on this checklist supersede any conflicting information potentially found elsewhere. 
2. Helpful links for the online portal
3. Are you ready? In order to register with the DAAD Portal to start your application, please chose one of the links below, according to your current academic status.
4. Send your complete application to:DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
Short-Term Research Grant
871 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017
5. After you submit your application
  • Please DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL. You will receive an e-mail notification 8 weeks after the deadline.
  • Application decisions will not be accompanied with an explanation.
  • Applications remain with DAAD. Personal data of applicants and grantees will be stored electronically in DAAD’s files only to the extent necessary for the administration of the applications and scholarships in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act. Data will be provided to the respective International Student Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) for successful applicants where necessary in order to administer the scholarship and provide the scholarship holder with guidance services. Applications of unsuccessful candidates will be destroyed after one year.
6. Results will be announced through the portal in mid-April.

Information on how to apply

  • The application must be  submitted online through the DAAD Portal – please see the links below.
  • In addition, you are required to mail 3 copies of the “Application Summary” (PDF File), which is generated in the DAAD Portal after the online application procedure has been completed.
  • The portal will close automatically at 11 PM Central European Time (5 PM EST/4PM CST/3PM MTN/2PM PST) on the deadline date. Applicants are advised to start the application process at least one week before the closing date.
  • Please ensure we receive the paper application no later than one week after the closing date (one-sided, not stapled). Your application is only complete when we have received both your electronic and paper application.

Application Dates and Online Portal Graduates

Application Period
December 1st, 2016 to May 1st, 2017

Application Portal

Application Dates and Online Portal PhD-Students

Application Period
December 1st, 2016 to May 1st, 2017

Application Portal

Application Dates and Online Portal Postdocs

Application Period
December 1st, 2016 to May 1st, 2017

Application Portal

Video: How to Apply


  • Check out the Manual for Personal FundingOn this site, you can download manuals to assist with the personal funding section of the DAAD Portal.
  • If you seek technical support with the registration or the online application please e-mail portal(at)
  • If you have questions regarding the DAAD Study Scholarship, please contact grubersliva(at) understand that questions already answered by information on our website cannot be answered separately).

See here for Frequently Asked Questions