Das Brandenburger Tor in Berlin mit einfallendem Sonnenlicht.

Since 1979, DAAD has sponsored an annual information visit on current developments in Germany and Europe for North American policy experts and decision-makers. Past topics have included:

  • “Bologna Turns Ten: transatlantic Student Mobility in the German and European Higher Education Context”;
  • “Getting Students Mobile: The German and European Experience in International Education”;
  • “New Trends in German and European Higher Education”; and
  • “German Higher Education Institutions and Their Training Strategies for a Changing Employment Market”.

North American participants are typically senior administrators in positions related to international education, policy makers in national and local governments, organizations, and agencies and other experts in higher education.

Program Details:

  • The program will be held in English.
  • All program-related costs in Europe will be covered by DAAD.
  • The 2017 program announcement will be published here at the beginning of January 2017.

Please contact Uta Gaedeke at the DAAD New York Office at (212) 758-3223 x209 or at gaedeke(at)daad.org for further information.