Three male German university students working together, all looking at the laptop, tutor standing behind pointing at the screen

The DAAD Alumni Association USA (DAAD AA) is now accepting nominations for two special awards given by the DAAD AA annually, the Award for Excellence in International Education between the USA and Germany and the Mid-Career Professional Award for Accomplishments in International Exchange between the USA and Germany.

The DAAD AA is pleased to recognize excellence in International exchange and education between the USA and Germany with a special award that is awarded annually to someone who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to academic and cultural exchange between Germany and the USA, has promoted the interchange of scholarly and cultural ideas between Germany and the US in exemplary ways, and has been an advocate for and active participant in the scholarly and cultural exchange of ideas between our two countries.  It also recognizes active engagement in the procurement of funds for DAAD AA scholarships.

The DAAD AA is also delighted to be able to offer a second award, the Mid-Career Professional Award for Accomplishments in International Education between the USA and Germany.  This award recognizes a colleague who has shown an exemplary record of accomplishment in leading outstanding exchange programs, e.g., participating in faculty, teacher, or student exchanges, creating transatlantic or international internship opportunities for students, leading fundraising efforts for exchanges and scholarships, and/or engaging in community outreach or support programs of partner city programs or chamber of commerce exchanges. The awardee should show potential and future “promise” in his/her professional  international trajectory.

Please send a letter of nomination and an updated CV or resume to Prof. Rosmarie Morewedge  by February 20.  Self nominations are accepted.