Learn more about your research options at Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Germany! Find out online what makes the UAS so unique and what they have to offer for you!

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Universities of applied sciences (German: Fachhochschulen/FHs or Hochschulen für Angewandte Wissenschaften/HAWs) are the second most popular type of higher education institution in Germany – after universities (German: Universitäten). Excellent teaching coupled with a highly practical business orientation – that is what is offered by Germany’s universities of applied sciences, known in German as Hochschulen für Angewandte Wissenschaften/Fachhochschulen (HAW/FH).

UAS in the German system are on equal standing with research universities and are therefore a good choice for international researchers. The application-oriented research at UAS is frequently carried out jointly with practitioners in the field – for example, with partners in enterprises or social institutions. This joint research activity is important for UAS because it helps keep their teaching close to the needs and realities of the world of work.

It is possible to pursue a Ph.D. at UAS through cooperative degree formats and some regional exceptions. In addition, more and more HAW/FH are gaining the accreditation to run their own doctoral programs.

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Key information about the event

  • When? October 14, 2021: online fair, 9am – 1pm (EDT)
  • Where? Online (for residents of North & South America and EU countries)
  • What? Information on academic career paths at UAS, the characteristics of UAS in Germany, subtypes and variations of UAS, completing a doctorate at UAS, how you can gain admission and which UAS is the best for you.
  • Which subject? STEM, engineering, social sciences, information science, public health, management, economics, design etc.
  • Who? Program coordinators and supervisors from various Universities of Applied Sciences
  • For whom? Graduates, PhD students, post-docs
  • How? Register to participate via the link provided here

At this virtual fair you can visit multiple booths, each representing a University of Applied Sciences. In addition to testimonials and branding videos, each booth offers a wide array of information on doctoral positions and research openings, programs and study opportunities. Apart from that, you can also talk to recruiters and scientists from all the exhibiting higher education institutions via one-to-one online chats.

The German exhibitors will offer detailed information about PhD and postdoctoral positions, research funding, PhD programs, research groups and junior professorships in their respective research focus areas.

“Research in Germany” brings together German UAS interested in recruiting international PhD students and researchers. We know from experience that organizing a research stay abroad can be complicated. That is why we provide an extensive range of information for graduates and researchers who are considering spending some research time abroad.

The event is open to anyone interested in research at a UAS in Germany. It is free of charge and will be conducted in English.

Register now for free: https://meetyoo.live/register/research-in-germanyHAW

Participating German institutions: 

Watch this video to learn more about the virtual fair and how you can best prepare for it.