In cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Academy New York is offering a grant for research on the history of 1014 Fifth Avenue, New York.

Around 1950, James W. Gerard, who served as US Ambassador to Berlin prior to US involvement in World War I, offered his townhouse at Fifth Avenue across from the Metropolitan Museum to the German Government for purchase. He requested that the building be used to continue the efforts of strengthening the transatlantic relationship. For 60 years, the German Government provided cultural programming on the premises, introducing German culture to the American public. Now, the building will be refurbished to broaden the scope of this endeavor run by the independent German Academy New York. The Academy seeks to build its programming upon the legacy of 1014 Fifth Avenue and its previous owners.

Fellowships are awarded for specific research in New York, Montana, and Germany on the history of 1014 Fifth Avenue, NY.

Eligibility /Requirements/Terms of award/Final paper:

  • Applicants must be US or German citizens who obtained at least a Bachelor’s degree in the field of History, Political Sciences, Journalism or Architecture.
  • Funding is for a period of 3 months, ideally between July and November 2018
    • 1 month: research in Germany (Berlin-Federal Foreign Office, Munich-Goethe Institut, Stuttgart-Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, archives, interviews)
    • 1 month: research in New York & Montana ( Consulate General NY, Goethe Institut NY, Archive Gerard Family, interviews)
    • 1 month: evaluation and writing of research paper including a 3-4 page article in English or German on the research for press and public relation purposes
  • Funding:
    • Monthly stipend of approx. EUR 850 for graduate students / EUR 1,200 for doctoral students
    • Coverage of health insurance
    • Reimbursement of travel costs and subsidies for lodging
    • Upon delivery of the research paper and documents, additional USD 1,000

Application documents:

Deadline: 1 July 2018

Submit your complete application as 1 PDF file to: kim(at)