Franciska Martinovic studied English and Media Studies at the Ruhr-University Bochum and just completed her internship at DAAD. During her time at DAAD, she worked on many different projects: she assisted in the process of scholarship selection, helped organize the DAAD Young Ambassadors Workshop, assisted with the relaunch of the newsletter, and created a social media analysis. After her internship in New York, she will return to Germany to pursue a Master’s program in Anglophone Studies and Media Practice.

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We asked Franciska a few questions about her work at DAAD and her experience in Germany:

  1. Why did you decide to pursue an internship at DAAD New York?
    I was looking for an internship in the USA. Not only because I have always enjoyed learning and speaking English or because the States are a dream destination for me, but first and foremost because I wanted to gain more hands-on experience after my studies. The internship at DAAD had everything I was looking for: marketing and social media as well as assistance with event organization.
  2. What are you currently working on?
    Currently, I am wrapping up the 2017 Young Ambassadors workshop. The organization of the event which took place in mid-August, involves constant communication with the ambassadors and the hosts of our different locations, updating presentations, booking activities, ordering food and just being approachable and helpful when it comes to questions from the ambassadors. Everything I have been working on was incredibly rewarding because I have always learned new things and ended up with a concrete result.
  3. What was the most ‘German’ experience you have had?
    I think the most “German” thoughts I have are when it comes to all things traffic and transportation. It is very chaotic here and most of the time it’s a struggle to be punctual. I often wished for displays showing the arrival time of the subway. Also traffic on the streets is really something else. German orderliness is missing in New York.
  4. What advice would you give to students who are thinking of working in your field?
    I would recommend thinking beyond the conception of “doing something with media”. The field is very broad. Try to gain as much practical experience as possible to sharpen your personal profile. But also stay open-minded. Otherwise you could miss out on opportunities that you might have enjoyed and that would give a little extra to your CV.
  5. What advice would you give to North American students who are thinking of studying abroad in Germany?
    Of course I would tell them to do it, if they have the opportunity. Germany might not be the most obvious destination when it comes to studying abroad, especially because other languages like Spanish or French are more important in business and everyday life in the US. Germany can still offer plenty. The quality of education is great, and you only have to pay a fraction of US tuition fees. Germany is a cosmopolitan country with diverse people and landscapes, interesting history, and a broad spectrum of amazing food.
  6. Which pictures, plants or unusual objects are there in your office?
    Unfortunately I don’t have anything special in my office. The only thing is that my office is the “plant-rescue-room”. Some co-workers bring me their plants, hoping that it will help them. For whatever reason dying plants really like it there so that they rejuvenate after a couple of weeks. Together with a co-worker, I have already brought two plants back to life.
  7. Can you cook a German meal without a recipe? If so, which one?Although I usually cook a lot at home, I am not a big fan of typical German “Hausmannskost” (German comfort food). What I like, however, are German desserts. By now, I have made so many Black Forest cakes that I almost know it how to make it without a recipe. Sometimes I still have to check the exact measures though.
  8. Is there someone who has significantly inspired you in your studies or career? If so, who and why?
    My family has always been very supportive of me, told me to follow my path and that I could count on them. This is also what they said when I told them that I might go to New York. Such great support helped me in my educational and career decisions.

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