Logo of the 2017 Teaching the Global Goals project.The Hands-On Project 2017 will deal with the topics “2030 Agenda” and “Sustainable Development Goals” (see the Alumniportal pages for further information on these topics). The challenge for the participants is to develop information or education materials which can contribute in innovative ways to make various social target groups aware of the 2030 Agenda and to raise their sensitivity for the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the same time, the information material should show ways for everyone to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in their everyday lives – to achieve this, individual SDGs may be highlighted.

The Task
The main project which you and your team will be working on consists of four different tasks (“Strengthening the team”, “Determining the topic & Developing ideas”, “Developing the concept for information and educational materials”, “Finding support”); these tasks will be published successively over the duration of the project. Webinars with experts will be held to assist you in the completion of the tasks.

In your virtual team, you will develop a detailed concept for information and education materials about the topics “2030 Agenda” / “Sustainable Development Goals”. The material‘s concept should inform about the topics mentioned, raise sensitivity for them and show ways for everyone to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in their everyday lives. The virtual teams are free to choose the form of their education and information materials: Card games, cartoons, posters, videos or theatre plays – everything is possible. The participating teams may also define their own target groups. They can choose whether they would, for example, like to inform their football club, their work colleagues or their regional farmers’ association. At the end of the Hands-on Project, the practical implementation of ideas should be presented by the participants in the form of ‘prototypes’, first tangible designs, which will clarify their ideas to others.

Participants should allow for an average of 3-4 hours of work per week and stay with the project during its entire duration. All participants who submit a result of their team’s work (i.e. a concept for information / educational materials) at the end of the competition will receive a certificate of participation.

During the application period between 24.05.2017 and 11.06.2017, individuals can look for other team members who are interested in similar topics in the community group “Praxisprojekt 2017 / Hands-On-Project 2017”. Only teams (2-3 persons) can apply for participation (see conditions for participation Hands-On Project 2017). The topics which you will work on as a team can be chosen by the teams themselves. The final detailed topic may be determined after the start of the project.
Before you start working on the main tasks of the competition, the first step is to look for other team members with similar topical orientation in the Alumniportal or in the Alumniportal group “Praxisprojekt 2017 / Hands-On-Project 2017” and to form a team.
As soon as you have a team of 2-3 Person, you can apply for the Hands-on Project 2017. Teams should register via e-mail (hands-on-project@alumniportal-deutschland.org), giving the names of the team members, their e-mail-addresses and the link to the group that the team has created on the Alumniportal specifically for the Hands-on Project.

The Hands-on Project 2017 which you will develop together with your team consists of separate steps (i.a. “Strengthening the team”, “Determining the topic & Developing ideas”, “Developing the concept for information and educational materials”). Detailed information on the different steps will be published successively throughout the duration of the project. Webinars held by experts will support you in achieving the project’s objective.

Time Schedule:

11.06.2017, Deadline for applications
14.06.2017, Launch event in form of a webinar + Beginning of Task 1
21.06.2017, Expert webinar on the development of ideas + Beginning of Task 2
28.06.2017, Expert webinar on the development of concepts + Beginning of Task 3
12.07.2017, Beginning of Task 4
26.07.2017, Announcement of winners

The team of the Alumniportal Deutschland suggests that participants note the dates of the webinars immediately to make sure that they can join them live, as the webinars will provide valuable and useful information for processing the tasks. If live participation should be impossible because of the time difference or any other reasons, there is also the option to access the webinars as videos on the Alumniportal at any time afterwards.

An expert jury will evaluate and award prizes according to predetermined criteria.

1st prize
Prize money of € 300 per team member
2nd prize:
Prize money of € 200 per team member
3rd prize
Prize money of € 100 per team member

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