Persons in traditional witch costumes during a German carnival celebration.

Rosenmontag (or Rose Monday) is the highlight of the German Carnival. DAAD is based in Bonn, Germany, one of the capitals of Carnival celebrations.

A key feature of any noteworthy Carnival celebration – aside from tremendous street parades –  is the tradition of political satire, with Carnival princes and princesses poking some well-intended (and/or well-deserved) fun at their government representatives and leaders.

Carnival – in some regions of Germany “Fasching” – can be quite the experience for visitors. In this blog post, an international student shares her impressions and reveals the difference between Carnival and Fasching. Just make sure you know which greeting is used wherever you are: Helau! for example is used in Düsseldorf; Alaaf! in Cologne.

To learn more about Fasching and Carnival and improve your German in the process, we recommend this article at Alumniportal Deutschland. It gives German language learners insights into this German holiday, with texts adjusted to beginner and intermediate language levels.

Alaaf! Helau!