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How well do you know German phrases and idioms? Did you ever find yourself totally baffled in the middle of a German conversation? Oder haben Sie “nur Bahnhof verstanden” (Was it all Greek to you)?

Learn German phrases and improve your German comprehension with our app „Verstehen Sie Deutsch?“. Take the quiz, guess the meaning of more than 1,000 idioms and phrases and take your German skills to the next level.

Improve your German culture skills. German idioms are full of references to German culture and history.

App features in an overview:

• More than 1,000 German expressions and odd words
• New quiz questions every month
• Ad-free and free of charge
• Fun way to learn German expressions
• Clear explanations of meaning and origin of all expressions
• Examples of use

You can learn more about the app and download it at the Alumniportal Deutschland.

Mobile phone showing a quiz question of the app 'Verstehen Sie Deutsch?'