Re-Invitation Program
The Re-Invitation Program helps DAAD maintain contact with its former one-year scholarship holders. Former scholarship holders can apply for funding to spend one to three months completing a research or work project at a university or research institute in Germany. Note: Faculty members who are not DAAD alumni may apply for funding under the recently reinstated Research Visit Grant for Faculty.

Terms of Award
Application Guidelines

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Former DAAD one-year scholarship holders who have been back in the US or Canada for at least three years.

  • Applicants at US or Canadian universities or research institutions who hold a PhD (or equivalent) and at the time of application have been working in research or teaching full time for at least two years after receipt of the doctorate are eligible.

  • Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the US or Canada.

  • Applicants should possess adequate knowledge of the German language to carry out the proposed research. This requirement is not obligatory for applicants in the natural or engineering sciences.

  • Applicants may not hold a DAAD grant and a grant from another German or German-American organization concurrently for the same project.

  • DAAD support for research can only be awarded once in any three-year period.

  • A change of dates for recipients of the Re-Invitation Grant is a rare exception granted only in special circumstances.
Terms of Award
Depending on the applicant's academic status, the monthly award will amount to €2,000/2,150/2,300 for Assistant Professors/Associate Professors/Full Professors.
If the applicants' research project requires travel within Germany DAAD may provide a travel subsidy. Airfare to Germany will NOT be covered.
All DAAD Grantees receive mandatory health insurance through DAAD. Their monthly contribution to the insurance €111 is deducted from the stipend.
Application Guidelines
All parts of the application should be typewritten or word processed and submitted in triplicate (one original, one photocopy and one PdF document). Please send the PdF to:

Please do not staple any of the application materials.

A complete application consists of the following parts. Collate, but do not staple any of the application materials, each copy of the application should be in this order:
  • DAAD application form entitled "Research Visit for Former Scholarship Holders." Please answer all questions on the form, even if you refer to additional material.
  • Curriculum vitae, not to exceed five pages.
  • Complete list of publications.
  • A detailed description of the research project, up to five pages in length. Please include a literature review, and information on significance, methodology, availability/quality of data, and the need for carrying out research in Germany.
  • Letter(s) of invitation from the German institution(s) where the applicant plans to undertake research activities. These letters must show that the applicant will be able to carry out the research activities where and when intended. For the natural sciences in particular, a project evaluation by the German host would also be desirable.
  • If more than one institution will be visited, DAAD requests an itinerary and an approximate time-table.

Complete applications should be sent by the deadline date to:
     Attn: Re-Invitation Program
     871 United Nations Plaza
     New York, NY 10017

  • Incomplete applications cannot be processed.
  • Application materials will not be returned.
  • No reasons for a decision will be given.
  • Application Deadlines  
    • May 15, 2014 (postmark)
    • Please apply at least four months before your projected research stay in Germany and not much more than a year ahead.
    • October 15th 2014 (postmark)
    • Please apply at least five months before your projected research stay in Germany and not much more than a year ahead.
    Frequently Asked Questions


    Please contact us at to find out if you qualify.

    If you are NOT a citizen of or faculty member in the UNITED STATES or CANADA, please see